Day 123: Wedgie run in a new neighbourhood!

Last night was a Wedgie Run in her neighbourhoods – thank goodness, because I wasn’t feeling like hitting the pavement on my own.

calgary girls runFirst, let me tell you that it is icy everywhere in this city. Although there were many bare spots last night, we had to slow down a lot to cut across streets that had knee high ICE banks. I would definitely say the run through Glamorgan and Glenbrook was rolling; we were up and down but nothing too drastic. I tried out my awesome new fuel belt that I got from Running Room just to get a feel for it. It was sort of annoying at first (kept sliding down) and then I would tighten it; then it would slide down again. Finally, I must have managed to find the right spot on my hips and forgot about it. I also tried out the socks from Lululemon. This is the first item (other than a headband and a shirt I received as a gift) I have ever bought on my own from Lulu. I have to tell you, they were pretty good. I’m thinking about going back to get another pair. They stayed warm and dry and didn’t have the same rough feeling as other running socks (the ones with mesh.)

Anyway – thanks for the run last night Sue! Let’s get signed up for Mud Hero!!

Here are last nights stats:run keeper kat calgary

  • Distance: 7.43 km
  • Time: 54:07
  • Pace: 7:17
  • Best Pace: 6:23

fuel belt body glide and lululemon socks

Day 115: 5km run through #GlenmoreReservoir with Wedgie a.k.a. Sunday-Funday-Runday

asics best running socksToday was my first day back pounding pavement – it was tough! I knew it would be and that I’d probably have a hard time motivating myself to get out, stay out and finish, so naturally I called on my great friend and running buddy, Susan (a.k.a Wedgie). She obliged (thankfully.) I bought a pair of Asics socks last week, anticipating that I’d get to try them out for a long run. However, when I got sick they just sat in the drawer so this morning I pulled them out, put them on and laced up. They were fantastic! They’re not the typical ankle style (as you can see.) They stayed dry, breathed and didn’t let my foot move around in the shoe. The best part: NO blisters! YAHOO!

running buddies!We hit the trail at around 10:30 a.m. It was snow covered, slippery and cold out there but we had a great run and finished very strong. Our pace was good and consistent and faster that it usually is when we pair up! I’m still a little bit congested, so my breathing was the hardest thing to keep consistent, but I’m glad I held off all week and didn’t push myself because I think it would have been to my detriment. We had lots of laughs, saw many faces as people were out walking, running, skiing. Oh and I was lunged at by a dog – side note: did not have my glasses on and wasn’t sure if it was a full-grown, medium sized dog or a puppy, turned out to be a “puppy”. It was so bizarre. The guy was just waiting at the gates with his dog, watching us come along from several hundred metres back. He didn’t move and was definitely trying training him to stay. Dog failed. I nearly peed my pants. Thank you for making us part of your lesson!

Anyway, it felt so nice to get back and especially doing so with a friend. Thanks for coming out, Sue!

Here are todays stats:runkeeper

  • Distance: 5.02
  • Time: 33:40
  • Pace: 6:42
  • Best Pace: 5:50

Day 102: wedgie + one run

IMG_6594Tonight was the regular Thursday night wedgie run. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t in the mood for running but knew that once we got going we would forget all about our hectic days and enjoy it. We also had a plus one for the run as well, my son! Our house is a little bit mad right now and we have a babysitter shortage, so I threw him into his snowsuit, duct taped the iPad to the stroller and off we went for an evening run.

The sidewalks are a pain in the ass at the best of times during the winter and it’s even worse when you have a stroller, FYI. But we made it. Our time isn’t accurate at all because we stopped at several lights, got thrown off course to stop an iPad from crashing to the pavement and dropped a few things out of the stroller.

But it was a good run. Thanks to wedgie for coming out tonight. And thank you to F for being an awesome little co-pilot. He didn’t complain a bit. What a ball we had!

Here are tonights stats:IMG_6591

  • Distance: 6.46
  • Time: 50:05
  • Pace: 7:45
  • Best Pace: 6:30

Day 97: running with a #wedgie is loads of fun!

sueandkat_dec13 runTonight was the much anticipated wedgie run. The two of us had already had long weeks it seemed and neither were feeling particularly motivated to run, as we were to catch up on what was going on with each other. However, we got our butts in gear and started out. The sidewalks were snow covered and slippery – definitely need to watch out if you’re running in some areas of Willow Park (some people shovel their sidewalks and others don’t). They have been out with gravel, but I don’t think it really does anything other than get tiny bits stuck in your shoes that scrape slate floors (whoops).

Anyway, as usual we had some good laughs and it felt like the run went by in no time at all. Our pace was comfortable and I have to say that despite wanting to gab more than run, I enjoyed myself. The only downer is that we forgot to do a post-run photo, so instead I just photoshopped our pictures together. Sorry Sue… my brain is fried. I threw in the old balls just to make it interesting…haha…

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

Thanks for coming out tonight wedgie! That brownie is safely hidden so I will remember it for our next visit.

Here are tonights stats:decrun3

  • Distance: 5.02km
  • Time: 35:35
  • Pace: 7:06
  • Best Pace: 7:00


Day 95: 5km of speed training in #WillowPark

I’m not going to lie, I did not want to get out this evening; at all. In fact, I was conversing with a friend and commenting on how much I was dreading speed training (but running in general tonight). It’s not even the weather, the temperature is a balmy +1… if you can believe that! I guess I must be hitting a bit of a wall. Anyway, after much procrastinating, I did manage to get myself out there.

pruneyMy original plan was to run two minutes slow and then one minute sprints (ten rounds in total). In actuality, I started out and completed just over two (2) full intervals (1.12 km) when my dang phone shut off. This is right after I started researching the Garmin and thinking, what the heck do I need that thing for, my iPhone works just perfectly… WRONG.  It may, or may not have something to do with running in the POURING rain while home in Cape Breton (because my “issues” with it started while there). But at any rate, it annoyed me. I kept going and just guessed at distances (usually by the street lights) though in Willow Park they are rather sporadic.

About ten minutes went by and my phone turned back on (so creepy). I restarted RunKeeper. Again. This time I made it 1.84 km. I was super aggravated at this point because I had absolutely no idea what time it was and took it as a sign to head home. I was annoyed with myself because I knew that I should have put a case on the phone before going out (knowing darn-well that it is finicky) but didn’t. And I was also annoyed because I thought for sure I didn’t get the 5 km of speed training distance in. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had indeed met my speed distance! I pulled up trusty old google and sure enough, 5 km on the button! YAHOO!

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over for the week. Tomorrow is just a regular old run. Looking forward to a Wedgie run on Thursday evening 🙂

P.S: the picture has nothing to do with running, but after having a kind of “annoying” day – I thought I’d share and hopefully lighten my mood and anyone else who isn’t have a terrific day!