Day 139: thirty minutes of the elliptical & comic relief from @jenna_marbles

“Don’t ever compare yourself to others. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR OWN JOURNEY. And leave footprints behind.”

we are not racing on the treadmillToday was a cross training day at the gym. It was nice to do thirty minutes on the elliptical. I had the incline set to 10 and my speed was around 14. It was enough of a push to get me sweating, but not so much that I’ll be in pain tomorrow for my 19km run. Ow.

Not too much to really share from the gym. But there was a gal next to me who kept checking out my screen. I was really tempted to start a conversation with her so it wouldn’t be as awkward as it was. I never get people who get a kick out of comparing themselves to everyone else. Does it really matter if you’re going faster than the person next to you? If they’re burning more calories? At a higher incline? What difference does it make?

It reminded me of the e-card that has been floating around saying, “If you’re on the treadmill next to me, the answer is yes we’re racing.” But I don’t think most people actually feel that way. I definitely don’t. And it also reminded me of the amazing video by Jenna Marbles: “People that piss me off at the gym.” There is no way you can watch this video and not laugh.

Have an awesome Saturday friends!

Day 122: Does anyone actually enjoy the treadmill?

Cause I don’t.
run because you can

Last night I was forced to run on the treadmill at the gym; the bane of my existence. It was way too slippery to run outside and even though the days are getting longer, by the time I can go in the evening it’s too dark (and I can’t see the icy spots). So I headed over the gym (which was a total gong show) and hopped on a machine.  Unfortunately for me, I was stuck between two big men, you can’t even begin to imagine what that was like. It was hot. Smelly. And uncomfortable.

As you know, I hate the treadmill. I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and listen to a podcast for some work stuff. I enjoyed the podcast just about as much as watching paint dry, so I won’t make that mistake again! The run wasn’t much better.

At any rate, I finished in just under 42 minutes. I have no idea what my true pace was and quite frankly, didn’t much care because I’m faster on pavement than indoors (ironically). I then went on to complete a bit of TRX, yoga and left.

The bottom line: I wasn’t feeling training yesterday (if you hadn’t picked that up already). So I was pleased when it was over. I found myself questioning what the heck I was doing. I have so much to do, and I started feeling overwhelmed, like I shouldn’t be at the gym, I should be doing the other things that need to get done. But then I snapped back to the reality that being health IS a priority. Training IS a priority. And then, when I woke up this morning I ❤ to Run had this great infographic on their Facebook page and it reminded me to stop being so ungrateful. I’m lucky I can train (even if I hate it). I know there are others who would love to do the same. So thanks for giving me a good kick in the butt – I needed it.

Hope everyone is having a great week! And to those of you on the east coast freezing your arses off… just thank God that you only get winter for a few weeks. We’ve had it since September!

We’re going to enjoy this balmy weather and hit the pavement tonight – YAHOO!


Day 117: 8km on the dreadmill.

this is what i look like when i run“There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving.” Amby Burfoot, Runners World Editor at Large

Today was an 8km run on the treadmill and I hated pretty-well every minute. The gym was busy and loud; lots of people everywhere! I hopped on the machine and got going. I even brought out my new running playlist – which is pretty awesome and full of old music like “it’s getting hot in here,” circa 2002. AMAZING.

At any rate, no matter how sweet my music was, I just didn’t enjoy the run – it was boring. There was absolutely nothing to look at. I mean, there were TVs on each treadmill but I can’t for the life of me figure out how the volume works, so until I become proficient at lip-reading, watching TV is out. Also, my TV decided to quit – so after I spent half the run trying to find a channel with subtitles (CPAC) it cut-out. THAT’S HOW BORED I WAS, I WAS WATCHING CPAC FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I was also having a “fat” day – which, I am proud to say, have been very few and far between for a long time. But today was one of them. I kept thinking of this picture of the little girl running on the machine. And how I think I look, but how I actually look is quite different. It made me laugh at least!

So when my first thirty minutes were up I had to hop off the machine, dash to the board and sign-up again (oh yes people, I’m that asshole). The old guy to my right rolled his eyes. Ordinarily, I would have felt badly for abusing the time limit, but there were several other free treadmills. So I wasn’t too worried. I spent just under an hour running and sweating and hating every minute and reminding myself what a privilege it is to run. I swear, that is the only thing that kept me going. Thinking that even though I hated it so much in that moment, I remembered how badly I wanted to run last week and I couldn’t because I was so sick.

I finished. It wasn’t my best time. In fact, I was so hyper to get off of the machine I didn’t even take a picture I just bolted. It was just under an hour though, that much I do know. All I cared about was the fact that it was done and that the rest of this week is supposed to be sunny + warm, so the sidewalks should clear up.

That’s it from here – hope everyone out there is happy and healthy!

Day 81: #Treadmill running @TricoCentre … #boring

So for any of you peeps out there in Australia, South Pacific, Mexico, South America basking in the glorious sunshine and warm weather – we’re really taking one for the team here in Canada. You’re welcome. Global warming my arse!

Anyway, today I had full intentions of running one of the hills in a community nearby (it’s pretty steep; perfect distance of 250m) but of course, we were dumped on last night! The snow also continued throughout the day today. Oh, and it started up again this evening.

At any rate, this has been a long day. As I mentioned on twitter, I had blood work today (lucky me!) Last night I had a snack at 9’ish and then I had to fast for at least 10 hours. When I got to my appointment at 12:40 p.m. (the earliest one I could get) the under-friendly clerk scolded me: “You should not have fasted that long. That’s too long. Remember for next time.” As I looked at her quizzically like, “Wtf? Was I supposed to get up at 2 am to eat or something? And… how many times do you think I need to come back for this shit?” Instead, I just smiled and said: “Thanks!” as cheerily as I could manage.

They took five (5) tubes of blood (gross right?) and mid-way through the nurse said to me  (after she noticed I was holding my breath) “You okay?” I could barely reply. I was so scared to make any slight movement with the dang needle in my arm.  I hate labs. No offence to people who work in them. I hate them. I realize they are incredibly important. But I hate them. Have you ever seen anyone smile in a  lab? Patient or staff? Ever notice that the waiting area could be empty and you could be standing at the desk and the clerks pretend they don’t see you. Have you ever noticed the explicit instructions in the bathrooms of labs? Good grief.

Anyway, enough ranting. I did hills tonight at the Trico Centre on the “dreadmill” (thanks Amy). It wasn’t too bad actually. I mean, the treadmills is boring. The gym was packed. And there were pre-adolescents there sans deodorant. Gross. Funny enough, the group from last week was doing their TRX Bootcamp. I caught myself grinning a few times seeing them sweating through those painful moves. I honestly thanked God I was running hills rather than working out in that class. Funny, eh? I thought I might try it out again tonight, but I noticed that there is a regular TRX class one night of the week (not a bootcamp) so I’m going to check that out instead.


I completed a little over three miles. I ran 1/4 mile flat and then 1/4 mile at an incline of no less than 7. The only thing about running on the treadmill (other than boring) is that I don’t feel the same sort of satisfaction. I truly would have gone running outside this evening, but I’m terrified of the ice. I am not one of those people who would gracefully fall – Oh no. I would go down faster than Mayor Ford on a football field.  So I do feel good about my decision to stick to indoor running tonight. When all was said and done, I did some yoga and stretching. I had full intentions of getting out the foam roller but it’s been a while since I used it and the gym was so busy that I didn’t want to hurt myself and have to slink out.

Tomorrow is another rest day. Thank goodness. I’m beat this week!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there! Happy Trails 🙂

Day 60: Hills on the dreaded treadmill.

Alright, so in case you didn’t see it on the news Calgary got hit with a terrific snowstorm last night and in fact it is still snowing now. I knew that the chances of me getting out this evening to run the hill over in Lake Bonavista would be slim to none, so I decided to make use of a rare opportunity to go to the gym mid-day. I don’t know about any of my running pals out there, but I totally hate running indoors: (a) I find it boring and (b) I can never seem to find the right speed. I did try to match it with what I’ve been doing outside, but it seemed a little too easy. However, when I would increase the intensity it quickly became too much. Bah!

At any rate, I jumped into the truck and headed over to the gym (thank goodness for 4×4). The snow was heavy and tons of ice underneath; when I was parking in the lot I could feel the truck sliding. No fun! As I suspected, the gym was fairly empty except for a guy on the track and a few of us using machines. I signed up for the machine and got going; I should make a confession here, you’re only supposed to stay on the machine for thirty minutes but because there were tons and no one else was waiting I continued without re-signing up) So sue me.

As I mentioned, I found the treadmill pretty easy but boring. I rotated 0.25 mile uphill and 0.25 flat for a total of six each. The steepest incline was 15 (whatever that means) and the minimum was 8.5. When I increased the incline, I decreased speed (except for the last one). I found it hard to mimic how I would run outside, but did my best. I must have looked silly with the machine going up and down every few minutes; there were definitely folks who were disrupted by the noise (sorry) but I had my music cranked so I couldn’t hear anything. I have to admit that I feel pretty great, especially now that it’s over. I treated myself to a spicy salmon roll afterward – it was divine.

Won’t be doing too much for the rest of the day. I tried baking gluten-free/sugar-free banana loaf yesterday and it was horrendous so I may try to make a coffee cake today. It will definitely have sugar in it though. I was not meant to bake and/or cook.

And yes, we have already been playing in the snow. When life throws you snow, make a snowman!

Happy trails folks!