Day 148: 12 km run along the Bow River

running calgary kat macaulaySo today was my first long run back after having been sick with the awful flu that is making the rounds. In actuality, I’m sick with another cold as well – when does flu/cold season end, by the way?

Anyhow, the weather wasn’t too bad. Temperature was above zero and there wasn’t really any wind to speak of, the only thing is that it’s pretty grey out there! I was having a bit of a hard time this morning motivating myself to get out after not doing a long run in several weeks, but I made myself go (begrudgingly.) After about ten minutes of running I felt I found my stride; to get myself going I listened to Will I.Am and Britney’s new song, “Scream & Shout” – LOVE it! I found myself singing along. People were giving me the side-eye. Oh well.

Loads of people out running. Most people smile and say “hello” or “good morning” but then there are other “elite” runners, with their sunglasses on even though there’s no freakin’ sun, who don’t even acknowledge you share the track! These are the same ones who like to run triple-to-quad wide and push you over to the mud and ice – real nice!

At any rate, I had a really fantastic run, even though mentally and physically I wasn’t feeling terrific. I knew I was going faster than normal, but I was totally shocked to see my pace was a solid 6:08/km! My goal for the day (to ease myself back without injury) was to do at least 7 miles at a 6:30 pace – I was thrilled! The only thing I would change would be that I should have filled up on whole wheat pasta last night, rather than pizza (white flour.) And this morning, I should have eaten more before going out. However, had a lot of water and even had half of a water bottle left when I got back.

Glad to get back to double-digits again.

Here are todays stats:run keeper kat macaulay

  • Distance: 12.03km
  • Time: 1:13:50
  • Pace: 6:08
  • Best Pace: 5:03

Day 146 & Day 147: Snow running and Cross Training!

Calgarys Sidewalks photo 2 Again, I’m combining two training days in one post. Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I hit the road for a 5km run. I had initially planned to do somewhere between 8km – 10km, however, the sidewalks were absolutely treacherous so I cut it at 5km. In fact, that’s why I took photos because despite being absolutely glorious I couldn’t wrap my head around how people with mobility issues are supposed to manoeuvre. I’m able-bodied and I had to run out into traffic to cut across Anderson. And I’m not above going out there to shovel on my own, God knows I’ve shovelled our neighbours pathways several times this winter, but I wonder why the city doesn’t do this? Anyway,  I also didn’t stop the time at stoplights because my hands were so cold; so the time isn’t really a terrific reflection of the run. It was nice to get out though, I have spent the last several weeks working out mostly indoors. It seems I’ve caught some other bug again. Actually, I’m not sure I ever fully recovered from the first one to be honest! Runny nose, sore throat and horrendous headache. Oy vey!

Here are yesterdays stats:photo 3

  • Distance: 5.03km
  • Time: 34:49
  • Pace: 6:55
  • Best Pace: 5:25

Today I was up early and headed to the gym for cross training. I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by about 10-15 minutes on the mats between YOGA and Tabata workout. I am always wary before a long run that I don’t push too hard; I want to preserve as much strength as possible! 🙂 Anyway, that’s it for workouts. It is a fantastic day out there, Calgary! Get at ‘er!



Day 131: cross training at the gym. YEAH BUDDY.

Set goals Tonight I did some cross training at the gym. It was awesome. I hopped on the elliptical for five minutes, then over to the AMT for 35 minutes and finished off with ten laps of the track. I also continued with my Chaturenga Challenge ! My legs are feeling great today – which is a little surprising given my run yesterday, but knock on wood no problems! I guess training properly does pay off.

In other news, I am super excited to announce that Roni Davis will be a guest blogger from time to time on RunningKatTales. Several weeks back I posted an article written by Roni (you can see it here) and it sparked some passionate responses. In an effort to learn more, I asked her if she would be interested in sharing her expertise and she graciously accepted.

Stay tuned to learn more from Roni – you can also catch her on her Facebook page!

Day 129: elliptical. thirty minutes. yeah buddy.

running board Yesterday morning was just a cross-training day. I was up early and hit the elliptical for thirty minutes. I didn’t want to overdo it because today was a really long run (18km) and I felt like bracing myself was in order.

I decided to walk over to the gym because it was a nice morning; the temperature was perfect and it was easier than scraping the truck. I started out and just a few steps in I remembered why I had been driving over – ICE! I was literally shuffling along on the ice so I wouldn’t slip. Ever-so-lightly moving my feet and thankfully didn’t bail. I got to the crosswalk and busted it across; just as I finished crossing (on a legit walk light) a big-ass red truck ran through the lights (I guess red lights don’t apply to him.) As I was staring in disbelief, he whipped into the gym parking lot. Must have been anxious to get his workout over with too!

The gym wasn’t really busy at all, but the rinks were just hopping with kids and parents. I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge that at 7 a.m. there were at least four adults on the ice (that I could see) volunteering their time to help out these hockey kids (and parents). With all the stuff we’ve seen lately about sports, volunteers and hockey parents, I must say that seeing this warmed my heart. I don’t think a lot of people have a handle on how much work (and stress) comes with volunteering your time, so major KUDOS to the people who give up their time so generously on a Saturday morning (and any time for that matter.)

Anyway, back to the workout. The elliptical was good, but I must confess that I had it on pretty easy settings (vertical: 4, resistance: 5). Not a whole lot even happened in the time I was there. No one farting or being inappropriate. There was really nothing great on TV either so I just quietly did my thing and hopped off. However, as I went to erase my name off the sign up board, I noticed this obnoxious comment: I never sign up. Really? So despite the gym monitors asking people to please be respectful of others time and sign up, you don’t? Why, pray tell? Someone needs a refresher on gym etiquette I’d say!

Overall, I enjoyed my mini-workout. Love cross-training days!

Day 104: training on the #elliptical

On December 23, we (sister and I) hit the gym again. She continued with her running and I did training on the elliptical (3 miles). It was alright. I enjoyed it because it was different than running.

I also did some weight training with both free-weights and machines. Additionally, I completed 5 planks, totally five minutes of planks. I wasn’t too sore afterward, so I couldn’t have pushed myself enough. I have to say, it was a nice little workout and really fun to have my sister there as well, sweating with me!

Auntie Kat and Hannah BC 2012I don’t have any pictures from our post-workout, so I’m just going to put this one in of me and my beautiful niece (sisters kid). We were so happy to spend time with her; definitely one proud auntie!