Day 169 & Day 170: #RUNFORBOSTON … solidarity in Calgary

I am getting so behind in my blogging and keeping track of runs – ooooops!

Yesterday I ran 8km in the wonderful sun and warmth. I had intended to do just 5km, but kept going because it was just so nice out. There were kids playing street hockey, a Robin Red-Breast jump out of the bushes at me, scaring the life out of me; I saw loads of other runners, bikers and dog-walkers – it was a good day to run.

I am more excited to tell you about todays run. 

Today Calgarians ran TOGETHER for Boston.

run for boston calgaryThere were hundreds of us at Edworthy Park, an event organized by Trevor Hofbauer to show the Calgary running community’s support for Boston. You could run 1km or 40km, whatever you wanted, but it was Calgary showing support from one running community to another. We got there early enough to snag t-shirts (which are terrific – thank you Calgary Roadrunners!) and tried to stay warm in the wind. We ended up jumping into the truck to heat our buns before getting out again to hear opening remarks from Trevor and Mayor Nenshi. There were Boston Marathon jackets all over the place; I saw one as far back as 1988 and as recent as this years race. There were walkers, runners, people of all ages and dogs that even came out to support Boston. It was truly something special to be in the middle of it. Not being from Calgary, I have to say that this event made me feel like I was really part of the community; I think sometimes when you live in a big city, you forget how wonderful it is to have the community rally and support each other, especially during tough times. And like Nenshi said, “I don’t want to brag, but it speaks a lot to Calgary and the community spirit here. I think that’s just incredible.” We applauded and supported each other along the route (especially those of us who took the west side of the river over ice and snow) and in fact, when we finished we were cheered by two past Boston Marathoners (who had finished well ahead of us!)

The run was great. We completed about 7.5km through literally every type of weather system: sun, snow, rain, wind, ice – it was mostly wind and snow. I had four layers of clothes on and wore my dang cropped pants, but I was still FREEZING! So as you can imagine, it felt great to finish!

To the best running buddy in the world: I know you haven’t been feeling great but I so appreciate you  pushing through that to run this with me – you’re amazing! To everyone who came out in the ridiculous wind + cold + snow, YOU.ARE.AWESOME. And a sincere thanks to Trevor and his team for putting this together. It takes a big heart, time and dedication to put something like this together, especially in such a short amount of time. You have shown just how wonderful the Calgary running community is! KUDOS!

Here are some pictures!

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary COYOTE

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

Day 140: Fantastic first run back with Wedgie!

Kat and Sue runner girls“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa

I have to admit, I had nerves about running today. My chest is still sore from coughing, my nose is still running, I’m still tired and I was worried it was too soon. However, I went ahead and set up the run with Sue because I knew I would need the support in order to get out after a long week off.

We met at Eau Claire market, did some quick stretching and hit the trail. It was absolutely gorgeous out and the temperature was perfect – above zero!! There were loads of people out along the river and the geese were hanging out on ice blocks (loudly I might add.) We crossed the Centre Street Bridge and headed back towards Kensington.  My breathing was a bit difficult, but we powered through.The run didn’t take any time to go by and I think it may have been our fastest pace together yet! It felt great to get caught up, share stories from the week and of course, laugh! After we finished we headed over to Tim Hortons (naturally) and got something warm to drink. I must say, I am 0 for 2 (for my non-North American friends, it’s Roll Up the Rim at a coffee shop here)! This is deja vu from last year, and the year before that and so on! Oh well.

Anyway – just want to say a huge thanks to Sue (aka Wedgie) for coming out today. I know it took a little bit to haul your behind out of bed due to social festivities last night but I really appreciate your support! And I should also say (even though someone else told us not to brag about it…) that it’s pretty impressive to be nearing 30 and still have the ability to bounce back after a night of indulging in the booze. LOL… you da best!

Here are todays stats:run keeper kat calgary running

  • Distance: 7.03 km
  • Time: 45:50
  • Pace: 6:31
  • Best Pace: 4:59