Day 129: elliptical. thirty minutes. yeah buddy.

running board Yesterday morning was just a cross-training day. I was up early and hit the elliptical for thirty minutes. I didn’t want to overdo it because today was a really long run (18km) and I felt like bracing myself was in order.

I decided to walk over to the gym because it was a nice morning; the temperature was perfect and it was easier than scraping the truck. I started out and just a few steps in I remembered why I had been driving over – ICE! I was literally shuffling along on the ice so I wouldn’t slip. Ever-so-lightly moving my feet and thankfully didn’t bail. I got to the crosswalk and busted it across; just as I finished crossing (on a legit walk light) a big-ass red truck ran through the lights (I guess red lights don’t apply to him.) As I was staring in disbelief, he whipped into the gym parking lot. Must have been anxious to get his workout over with too!

The gym wasn’t really busy at all, but the rinks were just hopping with kids and parents. I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge that at 7 a.m. there were at least four adults on the ice (that I could see) volunteering their time to help out these hockey kids (and parents). With all the stuff we’ve seen lately about sports, volunteers and hockey parents, I must say that seeing this warmed my heart. I don’t think a lot of people have a handle on how much work (and stress) comes with volunteering your time, so major KUDOS to the people who give up their time so generously on a Saturday morning (and any time for that matter.)

Anyway, back to the workout. The elliptical was good, but I must confess that I had it on pretty easy settings (vertical: 4, resistance: 5). Not a whole lot even happened in the time I was there. No one farting or being inappropriate. There was really nothing great on TV either so I just quietly did my thing and hopped off. However, as I went to erase my name off the sign up board, I noticed this obnoxious comment: I never sign up. Really? So despite the gym monitors asking people to please be respectful of others time and sign up, you don’t? Why, pray tell? Someone needs a refresher on gym etiquette I’d say!

Overall, I enjoyed my mini-workout. Love cross-training days!

Day 117: 8km on the dreadmill.

this is what i look like when i run“There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving.” Amby Burfoot, Runners World Editor at Large

Today was an 8km run on the treadmill and I hated pretty-well every minute. The gym was busy and loud; lots of people everywhere! I hopped on the machine and got going. I even brought out my new running playlist – which is pretty awesome and full of old music like “it’s getting hot in here,” circa 2002. AMAZING.

At any rate, no matter how sweet my music was, I just didn’t enjoy the run – it was boring. There was absolutely nothing to look at. I mean, there were TVs on each treadmill but I can’t for the life of me figure out how the volume works, so until I become proficient at lip-reading, watching TV is out. Also, my TV decided to quit – so after I spent half the run trying to find a channel with subtitles (CPAC) it cut-out. THAT’S HOW BORED I WAS, I WAS WATCHING CPAC FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I was also having a “fat” day – which, I am proud to say, have been very few and far between for a long time. But today was one of them. I kept thinking of this picture of the little girl running on the machine. And how I think I look, but how I actually look is quite different. It made me laugh at least!

So when my first thirty minutes were up I had to hop off the machine, dash to the board and sign-up again (oh yes people, I’m that asshole). The old guy to my right rolled his eyes. Ordinarily, I would have felt badly for abusing the time limit, but there were several other free treadmills. So I wasn’t too worried. I spent just under an hour running and sweating and hating every minute and reminding myself what a privilege it is to run. I swear, that is the only thing that kept me going. Thinking that even though I hated it so much in that moment, I remembered how badly I wanted to run last week and I couldn’t because I was so sick.

I finished. It wasn’t my best time. In fact, I was so hyper to get off of the machine I didn’t even take a picture I just bolted. It was just under an hour though, that much I do know. All I cared about was the fact that it was done and that the rest of this week is supposed to be sunny + warm, so the sidewalks should clear up.

That’s it from here – hope everyone out there is happy and healthy!