Day 121: speed training on ice is not fun.

falling on iceIt took every ounce of effort to get out this evening. It has been one long-@ss day. I was up super early and went non-stop until about five minutes ago.

At any rate, the temperature wasn’t too bad (around -10) but there is a ton of black ice and it was lightly snowing while I was out; yes. That spells disaster. I cannot tell you how many times I yelped and had to do some sweet-manoevres to avoid falling. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, not from running, but from tensing up on the ice.

The focus for tonights run was sprints. I finally completed a true-fartlek. I did not plan it out. I sprinted when I felt like it and slowed down when I felt like it. I even got that burning sensation in my chest that I used to get when I played basketball (for any of the gals I played with, you know what I’m talking about – SUICIDES!)

I finally got so frustrated with the amount of ice that once I found a dry spot (after about 25 minutes of running) I started running back and forth over about 200m. I looked ridiculous, but I didn’t fall. And I couldn’t handle the annoyance of having to slow down to a walk every 50m …seriously.

And P.S: Willow Park – sand your damn sidewalks!

Anyway, here are tonights stats. kat macaulay running results ice speed training

  • Distance: 5.62 km
  • Time: 35:29
  • Pace: 6:19
  • Best pace: 3:44

Day 116: 6km in the slush, black ice and snow. Upside: it’s above zero.

Calgary Slush Snow Ice While RunningTonights blog post is going to be fairly short, like my fuse today. I was slated to run 8km tonight, but there was no way that was going to happen for a few reasons: (1) some Calgarians apparently don’t think the “clean your own sidewalk” bylaw applies to them, (2) black ice, (3) slush/snow, (4) wet socks and (5) my lungs felt like they were going to collapse.

(1) FYI: Who is responsible for clearing snow and ice from Calgary sidewalks? Under Street Bylaw 20M88, the owner or occupant of any private property adjacent to a sidewalk is deemed responsible for the removal of ice and snow from that portion of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the ice or snow has been deposited. So please, fellow neighbours, don’t be lazy! It’s fine and dandy for someone who has the ability to jump into the snowbank to avoid the mess on your part of the sidewalk, but for others with less mobility (e.g.: seniors using scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, canes WHATEVER!) cannot do the same. Be courteous! 

(2) There was black ice under loose, wet snow. I almost fell at least once every 100m or so. It was awful.

(3) Slush/snow was a fricking disaster – it was everywhere! There was hardly any bare sidewalk, except for about 400 m near the end of my run. Lot of help that was! I was soaked within the first few minutes of my run. This is what happens when you get hammered with snow (30 cm) and the temperature stays at -17 for a few days and then warms up to +12 in one day! It makes for a complete mess. I feel for anyone who had to walk/roll to work today.

(4) Do I really need to explain why wet socks are annoying?

(5) And despite the temperature being well above zero and relatively “easier” to breathe, I was having some issues as I’m still kind of congested from my bout with Flu last week.

I refuse to run in this slop, so it looks like I am heading for the DREADmill tomorrow. Gah.

At any rate, here are tonights stats.runkeeper kat macaulay half marathon

  • Distance: 6.1 km (RunKeeper stopped after the first 300m and started again)
  • Time: 40:29 (plus 1:30?)
  • Pace: 6:57
  • Best Pace: 4:47

Day 111: First 2013 #run with #wedgie!

yahoo calgary wedgie runYAHOO! Wedgie is back in town and we went for our first run of the new year this evening. The weather was perfect. The sidewalks were pretty much bare except for the part where I completely, and totally almost wiped out. P.S: You should all take comfort knowing that the first thing I reached for was Wedgie (sorry) because apparently I am one of “those” assholes – when I go down, so will everyone else!

We changed the route up a bit tonight. I won’t tell you how because I’m too freaked out about creepy people following or trying to find us, but it was a good one. Only a few yappy dogs barking from behind fences and few spots that weren’t very well lit.

Our pace was consistent. Super enjoyable. We carried on our normal conversation. We had lots to talk about (well, I may have talked too much – sorry!) But I had an awesome time! I was a little worried beforehand because I’ve been eating veggies pretty much all day and thought the run could literally go either way. It was good! We also looked like “real” runners with our Lululemon hats and mitts. They are pretty awesome, however, I sort of feel silly like the hat doesn’t fit or slides around. Does anyone else notice that?

Anyway here are tonights stats:day 111 half marathon training calgary

  • Distance: 6.71km
  • Time: 46:22
  • Pace: 6:55
  • Best Pace: 6:05

Also, I want to acknowledge that tonight was Wedgies first official night of training for half-marathon herself. YAHOO!!!!! I’m so honoured to be a part of your training and  I know you’re going to kick-ass friend!!!!!!

Day 97: running with a #wedgie is loads of fun!

sueandkat_dec13 runTonight was the much anticipated wedgie run. The two of us had already had long weeks it seemed and neither were feeling particularly motivated to run, as we were to catch up on what was going on with each other. However, we got our butts in gear and started out. The sidewalks were snow covered and slippery – definitely need to watch out if you’re running in some areas of Willow Park (some people shovel their sidewalks and others don’t). They have been out with gravel, but I don’t think it really does anything other than get tiny bits stuck in your shoes that scrape slate floors (whoops).

Anyway, as usual we had some good laughs and it felt like the run went by in no time at all. Our pace was comfortable and I have to say that despite wanting to gab more than run, I enjoyed myself. The only downer is that we forgot to do a post-run photo, so instead I just photoshopped our pictures together. Sorry Sue… my brain is fried. I threw in the old balls just to make it interesting…haha…

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

Thanks for coming out tonight wedgie! That brownie is safely hidden so I will remember it for our next visit.

Here are tonights stats:decrun3

  • Distance: 5.02km
  • Time: 35:35
  • Pace: 7:06
  • Best Pace: 7:00