Day 92: a BITTER cold #run

This morning I woke up feeling so-so. It took me a long time to rally and get my head wrapped around the idea of running in -27 (even if it was a short one). About an hour after I intended on hitting the pavement – and two cups of coffee later – I finally got out. Boy OH boy, was it cold!! I don’t think any amount of mental preparedness gets you ready for anything colder than -10. I wrapped a scarf around me several times, had a thick long sleeve + my difference maker jacket, hat and leather gloves and I was still frozen. I want to tell you that after ten minutes of warming up, it was fine and not bitter cold, but I’d be lying. It was so cold that half-way through, my phone which was charged to 100% shut off. TOTALLY OFF. So I have no stats for today. I had icicles on my eyelids, scarf, nose, hair, hat – everywhere! When I finally made it home, my thighs were raw red – even though the water in the shower was cold, it felt hot. Incredible – eh? The physical part of running wasn’t too bad, but it was hella slippery. It was lightly snowing when I left, so there was a light dusting on the ice when I got out and I have to say, SHAME on the Acadia Dr people for leaving their sidewalks a mess! How do you expect people to get moving on them? It is your responsibility to keep them clear! We even have landscapers that come snow-blow after snowfall but if they don’t show up within a few hours I will get out and do it myself because I’d feel terrible if anyone fell and hurt themselves! Anyway – enough ranting. Loving the Christmas lights and seeing the Jone’s beating out the Jone’s for Griswold status. Amazing.

And sadly, today was the last day for World Sledge Hockey Challenge. Met lots of great people and really enjoyed myself. A terrific time – can’t wait to do it again next year!

IMG_6409Hope everyone is healthy and happy out there. Since my phone was frozen I have no post-run pics, but I do have this picture from supper where I gladly helped myself to a 32 oz Schooner of Alexander Keiths. YUM!