Day 172: speed training

“Every day is a good day when you run.”

Well, my 8km run will have to happen either tomorrow or Friday as this morning I only had enough time to complete 30 minutes of speed training.

healthy sonFinally, after a few weeks of chaos I finally got up early and ran! Woot! The run wasn’t fantastic (although I am pleased with time and distance) however, my shins are killing me! I guess I need to get new sneakers, which is disappointing because I just bought a new pair in February. Any suggestions? I guess I need some with more cushioning.

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and my fingers are crossed that it will stay this way for a little while anyway! I haven’t set a date for my half marathon yet. I have a few races coming up, one on Mothers Day and another in August (Mud Run). I’m just playing it by ear as the latter part of this winter really sucked the energy out of me!

Anyway, I’ve heard from a few of you wanting an update on my son (thank you for your concern); I am pleased to tell you he is doing very well; in fact, here is a recent photo of him enjoying a wagon ride sans boots. Love this kid.

Here are todays stats:run keeper calgary

  • Distance: 5.01km
  • Time: 29:21
  • Pace:5:51
  • Best Pace: 4:30


Day 171: Cross training at the gym

Nike Just Do ItOh boy – am I ever falling behind on this! However, I did some cross training at the gym yesterday. I hopped on the AMT for 15+ minutes, and then did some yoga/floor work for another 15. It wasn’t a terribly long workout but I can definitely feel it today! I planked for 1:30, which I am assuming is what’s hurting so much 🙂 Feels good to start getting back into things. I have gone back to week 9 of training to get myself back on track – it seems like the winter/spring has just taken the energy out of me! So tomorrow will be a 5 mile run in the morning. Wednesday will be speed training (3 miles) and Thursday will be a 4 mile normal run. Send me your strength to stay on track!!

Stay tuned!


Day 169 & Day 170: #RUNFORBOSTON … solidarity in Calgary

I am getting so behind in my blogging and keeping track of runs – ooooops!

Yesterday I ran 8km in the wonderful sun and warmth. I had intended to do just 5km, but kept going because it was just so nice out. There were kids playing street hockey, a Robin Red-Breast jump out of the bushes at me, scaring the life out of me; I saw loads of other runners, bikers and dog-walkers – it was a good day to run.

I am more excited to tell you about todays run. 

Today Calgarians ran TOGETHER for Boston.

run for boston calgaryThere were hundreds of us at Edworthy Park, an event organized by Trevor Hofbauer to show the Calgary running community’s support for Boston. You could run 1km or 40km, whatever you wanted, but it was Calgary showing support from one running community to another. We got there early enough to snag t-shirts (which are terrific – thank you Calgary Roadrunners!) and tried to stay warm in the wind. We ended up jumping into the truck to heat our buns before getting out again to hear opening remarks from Trevor and Mayor Nenshi. There were Boston Marathon jackets all over the place; I saw one as far back as 1988 and as recent as this years race. There were walkers, runners, people of all ages and dogs that even came out to support Boston. It was truly something special to be in the middle of it. Not being from Calgary, I have to say that this event made me feel like I was really part of the community; I think sometimes when you live in a big city, you forget how wonderful it is to have the community rally and support each other, especially during tough times. And like Nenshi said, “I don’t want to brag, but it speaks a lot to Calgary and the community spirit here. I think that’s just incredible.” We applauded and supported each other along the route (especially those of us who took the west side of the river over ice and snow) and in fact, when we finished we were cheered by two past Boston Marathoners (who had finished well ahead of us!)

The run was great. We completed about 7.5km through literally every type of weather system: sun, snow, rain, wind, ice – it was mostly wind and snow. I had four layers of clothes on and wore my dang cropped pants, but I was still FREEZING! So as you can imagine, it felt great to finish!

To the best running buddy in the world: I know you haven’t been feeling great but I so appreciate you  pushing through that to run this with me – you’re amazing! To everyone who came out in the ridiculous wind + cold + snow, YOU.ARE.AWESOME. And a sincere thanks to Trevor and his team for putting this together. It takes a big heart, time and dedication to put something like this together, especially in such a short amount of time. You have shown just how wonderful the Calgary running community is! KUDOS!

Here are some pictures!

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary COYOTE

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

run for boston calgary

Day 143: 5km track run with Dr.Nana

“I run simply because I can – When I get tired, I remember – those who can’t run, and what they’d give to have this precious gift that I take for granted. – Then, I run even harder – I know they would do the same for me.” 

katpatThis morning I was scheduled to run in Eau Claire with Dr. Nana, however, for anyone that doesn’t live in Southern Alberta you may not know that we are getting hammered by a winter storm. So when I woke up I thought, hmmm, probably won’t have to run and I was sort of relieved because of everything that went on yesterday – I thought “WOOOWHOOO, a break!!”  I wasn’t feeling it this morning. So I sent a text just to see, but she had passes for the track at the university so we decided we would meet there. I was a little disappointed and not feeling energetic, but I went to my book of quotes to get myself going and was reminded that it’s a freaking gift that I could handle six (6) straight hours of exercise and ever consider running the next day. I knew I wasn’t sore or tired enough not to go, so I decided to buck up.

Off I went to catch the LRT.

We hit the track and completed 5km. It was nice because it was so consistent, but my goodness is it ever boring to run around and around and around!  I think it took us about 30-32 minutes which was great. My shoulders are still a bit stiff from yesterdays work out, but other than that I’m feeling pretty good.

We treated ourselves to brunch at Cheesecake Cafe and now to relax for the rest of the day!

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there; and if you’re in Calgary, be careful on the roads!

Day 111: First 2013 #run with #wedgie!

yahoo calgary wedgie runYAHOO! Wedgie is back in town and we went for our first run of the new year this evening. The weather was perfect. The sidewalks were pretty much bare except for the part where I completely, and totally almost wiped out. P.S: You should all take comfort knowing that the first thing I reached for was Wedgie (sorry) because apparently I am one of “those” assholes – when I go down, so will everyone else!

We changed the route up a bit tonight. I won’t tell you how because I’m too freaked out about creepy people following or trying to find us, but it was a good one. Only a few yappy dogs barking from behind fences and few spots that weren’t very well lit.

Our pace was consistent. Super enjoyable. We carried on our normal conversation. We had lots to talk about (well, I may have talked too much – sorry!) But I had an awesome time! I was a little worried beforehand because I’ve been eating veggies pretty much all day and thought the run could literally go either way. It was good! We also looked like “real” runners with our Lululemon hats and mitts. They are pretty awesome, however, I sort of feel silly like the hat doesn’t fit or slides around. Does anyone else notice that?

Anyway here are tonights stats:day 111 half marathon training calgary

  • Distance: 6.71km
  • Time: 46:22
  • Pace: 6:55
  • Best Pace: 6:05

Also, I want to acknowledge that tonight was Wedgies first official night of training for half-marathon herself. YAHOO!!!!! I’m so honoured to be a part of your training and  I know you’re going to kick-ass friend!!!!!!