HAPPY NEW YEAR! May joy and peace surround you, Contentment latch your door, And happiness be with you now, And bless you evermore.

Au Revoir 2012. Allo TWENTY13

Happy New Year! All conspiracy theories aside, holy mackerel! 2012 went by too quick!

What can I say about the past year? It definitely gave us a run for our money. There were some tremendously tough days throughout 2012, but I feel very blessed to live in this world. As always, we saw good and evil; from triumphs to scandals, untimely deaths to miraculous medical discoveries.

For me personally (like most), there were ups and downs. Of course there was some sadness and heart ache, but mostly happy times. I created many new wonderful friendships and let go of old ones. As a family we enjoyed fairly good health and only visited the hospital a handful of times (which is pretty good in this household). Our son took his first steps, said his first few words and started kissing/hugging everyone – pretty amazing stuff. We’re very blessed to have a strong family, the best of friends and now we’re leading into 2013 happy and healthy. And, at the end of the day (or year) when you have all these things, what else matters?

I hope we can all look back on 2012 with few regrets and consider our choices as lessons learned (I know I do).

Now onto 2013. I’ve read a few blogs already, with great goals and resolutions for 2013. I figured it was time for me to get something out there to the universe so here it goes:

  1. Be totally authentic, even if the consequences may suck. I’ve always tried to do this; I try to be an open book (hello, I share my petty struggles daily on here). But I say what I mean and mean what I say. Some like it. Some hate it. But like many people I worry about the consequences. I worry that if I say something out loud (that everyone else is thinking) what does that say about me? Then I realized that the people I have the most profound respect for are the ones who are honest, true and direct, even when they know it can get them into hot water. It reminded me of something a friend once said to me: “..you’re honest with me…some people think that good friends don’t judge or any other shit like that. But you help me work towards being who I hope to be because you do give me shit if necessary and are honest with me.” But I expect the same of those around me. It’s a two-way street. When I’m not doing my best or acting my best, I expect to be called out on it. How else do we get better?
  2. Finally run a half-marathon in 2013. I have been training harder than ever before and I feel like 2013 will be the year that I can check some major items off of my bucket list. This is a major one. I feel stronger every time I hit the pavement. I know the hard work involved in this. I started out with the couch-to-5k and now I’m finally at a comfortable 11 km. I need to build up another 11 and I’m good to go (I think). Please keep me honest on this. Share your tips. Motivation. Everything!
  3. Cut out fast food for one year. I’ve seen this on a few blogs in previous years and it seems logical. Much the same as my current blog, I also like the idea of having to stay honest online. Oh and when I say fast food, I mean EVERYTHING fast food. If I want chocolate or chips, I have to make them from scratch. (chocolate treats from cocoa etc.) We all know I like treats, but I’m having some digestion issues so I want to start getting serious about the stuff I put into my body. And maybe I will actually learn how to cook… hah… yeah right.
  4. Do something new once a month. Time is tickin’ and I want to start trying some new stuff (or force myself to). The last few months haven’t been too bad; I tried TRX and bootcamp as well as new yoga classes. But I want to expand that to Seldge hockey, horseback riding, climbing and hiking. I’d love to push myself to at least try something new once a month (and I’ll blog about it). If you have any ideas of things to try, shoot them my way.

I am so excited for what 2013 holds. I look forward to more running, blogging, meeting new people and introducing some new guest bloggers to RunningKatTales. I wish you all the absolute best in the year ahead. Let’s show this year who’s boss!

Happy New Year!!