Work your core muscles, stomach & back with plank: knee to elbow

You may have noticed that in my September 3 workout I didn’t include this gem (I forgot) but I generally do this every work out now and sometimes randomly through the day to wake myself up. Now, bare with me because I used Photobooth and iTunes to get this smashing home vid made (stop laughing). I know, I know the thermal glow is a bit much, but I like it! And realistically, the only explanations I could find were on Mens Health (literally a description, no pictures) and some skinny chick (like, please.) I wanted to show you that ANYONE can do this. And what is more fun than seeing it with a thermal glow? You must know by now that I like to do things differently?

So essentially, you go through your regular stretching; you can jump or step back onto the mat, get into plank position and go! The point is to keep your core straight with as minimal shifting as possible (with the exception of your knee to your elbow, duh). And that’s really it. Knee to elbow. Knee to elbow. Knee to elbow. I try to do it for 1 min straight, but I figured that after about 30 + seconds you get the point.

Warning: there is a ton of awesomeness in this exercise. You may sweat, but you’ll feel great.

Thanks for checking it out! And if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!