Day 86: Early morning #run and a cheat day a.k.a.: glutton day

I was supposed to run four miles yesterday, but when push came to shove I just didn’t feel like it. No excuses. Just lazy. I should also mention that there was some sort of sting operation going on in our neighbourhood, so I was nervous to go out. Also, my core is a little achy from TRX training at the Trico Centre the other night. Okay, so a few excuses. Ha!

Anyway, I got up bright and early this morning (it was still dark out) and got running before 8:00 a.m. I could definitely feel my core muscles during the run; the shifting of my tummy up and down darn near killed me. But the run was nice; the temperature wasn’t too cold and the sidewalks were mostly bare. My time wasn’t amazing, but I was happy with it because as mentioned before I’m definitely not an “early morning runner” – though I LOVE the thought of it. I had to smile when I finished, because I came to a cross walk with three very eager Crossing Guards. They were all smiles and chipper (at like 8:30 in the morning) and obviously young students from the elementary school in the neighbourhood.

Today is also cheat day, or also known as, Glutton Day. I made homemade fudge with white and milk chocolate chips (recipe here) ; we made homemade pizza; I had nachos and I plan on having another treat while watching Bachelor Canada. How awesome is that cheat day? Wedgie and another pal are coming over to watch. Nothing like junk food and trash TV to finish off a busy day!

Runninbear & I decided that we were going to do #PushUpADay as well as #PlankADay.  Okay, so the plank wasn’t so bad because I just did a standing plank for 90 seconds, HOWEVER, the pushups were non-existent. Seriously. I was doing chaturangas instead and even that was ridiculously painful; my “abs” are still sore. I made it through three (3); I know I said I’d try for five (5) good ones, but it was not happening today my dear!

And with that, it’s almost time to get ready for the show. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

Here are this mornings stats: 

  • Distance: 6.45km
  • Time: 39:57
  • Pace: 6:12
  • Best pace: 4:45

Day 79: 4 mile run through the neighbourhood

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

-Christopher McDougall

This morning I woke up and couldn’t even think about going running. I didn’t feel like it. I’m certainly no gazelle and if you asked my son, he would say I was more like a bear 😉 Now, I’m not sure if I’m just hitting a wall or if it’s the fact that my legs are killing me. I’m not sure if it’s time to just give my body a longer rest, or what. It took a lot of motivation this morning to get going. I read a few blogs and a few things on line. Reviewed my favourite quotes. Completed a round of planks. Ate my regular porridge, consumed some caffeine + water. Then when I just needed a little push, I was recipient of a teeny bit of coaxing from the peanut gallery and I finally hit the pavement.

The first thing I noticed was that I had shin splints (Shin splints: known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), can usually be attributed to overloading the muscles of the lower extremities or to biomechanical irregularities. Muscle imbalance, including weak core muscles, can cause lower-extremity injuries, and inflexibility and tightness of the gastrocnemiussoleus, and plantar muscles (commonly the flexor digitorum longus) may contribute, as well. Increasing activity, intensity, and duration too quickly leads to shin splints because the tendons and muscles are unable to absorb the impact of the shock force as they become fatigued; also, the tibial bone-remodeling capabilities are overloaded.) I immediately thought, what the heck, do I need new sneakers? I probably do. But this is likely due to using and overexerting muscles during TRX on Wednesday and nothing is quite back to normal. As I had feared, it has interfered with my training so now I’m a little hesitant to go back for more abuse!

Despite the aches in my muscles, I still pushed faster than I have the last few runs. I certainly didn’t enjoy my run that much today, but it was a beautiful day for an outdoor activity (I even saw a guy running in shorts!) The temperature is warmer than it has been, so everything is melting but the ice that is left is extremely slippery. In less than a second I almost bailed twice, startling the fellow behind me (sorry!) For those of you out there training for longer distances, do you only focus on the running & weight training? Or do you also attend classes?

Anyway, that’s it for the day. Tomorrow is a rest day and I’m contemplating doing some yoga tomorrow evening at the Trico Centre.

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 6.44 km
  • Time: 37:25
  • Pace: 5:48
  • Best Pace: 4:50

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!


Twitter Plank-A-Day Challenge. Yes please!

I LOVE Twitter. And this is why: there’s tons of useful information on pretty well every topic you can think of. For anyone out there trying to physically challenge themselves, you should check out @fitfluential. Very cool. It’s a group of fitness enthusiasts who share what they’re up to – so you can follow along and try out the things they do. And there are loads of other enthusiasts as well – just search “fitness.”

For example, @SarahStanley started the plank-a-day challenge,where you add 20 seconds to the plank EVERY day! But you know how I found out about her? Through a blog I follow (and vice versa) – and then through her Twitter feed – @Evelinruns (here’s her blog).

I’m still about 20 seconds behind, but I’m going to keep trying! This morning I did a plank for 2 minutes and 20 seconds (yesterday I did three planks to make up for missing it the second day of the challenge – I forgot!!). Anyway, as I did the plank this morning I started to sweat about 60 seconds into it.  And as I started sweating, I starting slipping on the tile (I’m real graceful like that). My son rested his hand on my back to help. He tried to do a downward dog so he wasn’t left out, but quit.

I’ll be following this one through, but I’m terrified at what this will look like; I may have to cut it down to 10 seconds per day – but at least I’m doing it, eh?!

Good luck to all those plankers out there! 

Day 71: 3 miles to escape Election Day TV

Of course, every network is covering the election today. After watching Robin Meade for about an hour, I decided that was enough and left for a run. Today was another three mile run. I did the same route I did yesterday – it was pretty flat and shaded. I left a little later this morning, but it was still cool enough to enjoy it. There were lots of folks out biking, walking dogs and running. I continued my scan of the ground, but also noticed (after reading) that some of the trees lining the sidewalk have little creatures in them, so I was keeping an eye on them too.

Have no idea what my pace and actual distance was because I didn’t use RunKeeper today since Fido charges $10 for 10 MB per 24 hours. So for the rest of the week, I’m just going on the route I already know! Not much else to report. On other non-running related business, I watched the premier of #RHOBH last night – cannot freaking wait until it comes to Canada. This business of staggering them between the two countries is annoying.

Anyway, hope everyone is happy and healthy out there. Felix is giving everyone the thumbs up!


Day 70: How to beat the Arizona heat with a terrific early morning run.

As a Canadian, despite it being considered a “cooler” time of year in Arizona in which people wear hoodies and long pants during the day, we stand out with our tank tops and shorts.   It’s been a lovely transition from the snow in Calgary to the sunshine and heat here, however, it also means planning a little bit more for my training. Of course, with any extreme temperature, whether cold or hot, you need to make sure to prepare. I have been running with water here (something I never, ever do) but am thankful it was suggested because I sweat a lot more in the heat. I’ve also been wearing tank tops, something I haven’t done since before the kid came along.

This mornings run was great. I got up early (6:30’ish) had some breakfast, let it settle and headed out the door. When I left the temperature was already 18 C and sunny! It was a nice run, lots of people out and very friendly. I did meet one poodle who decided to lunge a bit at me, I’m sure just to let me know who was boss. And I’ve been busy scanning the ground looking for snakes, scorpions or whatever! FACT: living in a gated community does NOT protect you from said scorpions and snakes. We’ve found three dead scorpions (thank goodness they’re dead) in our friends home. I was doing the “Plank-a-day” challenge and to my shock there’s Mr. Scorpion right there. I don’t think I’ve ever sprung to my feet that fast!

Anyway, back to the run. It was good. I felt strong, though I must let you in on a little secret: due to the heat yesterday I have the worst chafe marks on my left thigh. I know. TMI. But it is so sore! I wish I was lucky enough that my legs didn’t touch at all, but I’m not! Hah! I’ve been putting Aveeno on it since yesterday and I’ve been busy looking for places here that sell BlodyGlide! Other than the pain, my time today was pretty good. I managed to keep it faster than my usual three mile runs; it’s definitely a mental thing because for some reason I can get my pace faster on longer runs and then when seemingly easier runs come along, my pace increases! Does anyone else experience this? Next week is the last week before serious mileage build up again. Oy vey.

Other than that, I plan on hitting the pavement the same time tomorrow morning.

Here are todays stats: 

  • Distance: 4.85km
  • Time: 27:55
  • Pace: 5:46
  • Best Pace: 4:42