Day 101: #Hill training in the cold takes my breath away (that and almost choking on gum)!

Hill at Lake Bonavista Downs Tonight was hill training. It was brutal. (This is the hill before winter hit. Just picture grayscale; dark/gloomy with very little Christmas lights…) Instead of doing it for endurance, tonights training was developed so that the runner keeps “race” speed the entire time. We all know that I don’t really have “race” speed, so I tried as best I could to keep my intervals under my usual hill training pace. I haven’t had time to look back and review, but I do think it is a little bit faster.

At any rate, training was as follows: one minute up hill at race pace, and one minute back down. Repeat x 10.

I should have prefaced this by saying that today is cheat day and I have eaten three pieces of fudge, two cookies, chicken strips and fries and two jujubes. So as you can see, I wasn’t kind to my body in terms of fuelling up properly, but hey, we only live once and if the world should end this week, I didn’t want to waste a cheat day!

I pumped my arms as fast as I could but I don’t think it did me any good. I had a belly full of junk. Maybe I should try the whole fasting before a workout?

Anyway, here are tonights stats:Day 101 HILL Training Lake Bonavista

  • Distance: 3.49 km
  • Time: 22:04
  • Pace: 6:20
  • Best Pace: 4:57


Day 99: A kick-@ss quick #boxing workout you can do at home!

dukesup_boxingworkoutIt’s that time of year where it seems there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. From watching a toddler, cramming work in, doing laundry, baking, cleaning (hah), packing, wrapping, decorating – finding time to exercise seems impossible. Nay Nay! I couldn’t make it to TRX this evening, so I took matters into my own hands. And if you guessed that I turned to google, you would be right.

I managed to piece together a pretty tough boxing workout. You must complete each set for two minutes a piece, and take a thirty second break in between. The only equipment you need are: good sneakers (which you probably already have), a jump (not dump)rope (or not), boxing gloves (or not), a stop watch (or not…but it does make timing more accurate so that instead of counting out loud you can curse), a great playlist and finally, some willpower.

Interested in trying the workout? Check it out – Dec 17

Let me know if you try it and how it goes. Not sure how sore I’ll be tomorrow, but at least I got my sweat on!