Day 117: 8km on the dreadmill.

this is what i look like when i run“There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving.” Amby Burfoot, Runners World Editor at Large

Today was an 8km run on the treadmill and I hated pretty-well every minute. The gym was busy and loud; lots of people everywhere! I hopped on the machine and got going. I even brought out my new running playlist – which is pretty awesome and full of old music like “it’s getting hot in here,” circa 2002. AMAZING.

At any rate, no matter how sweet my music was, I just didn’t enjoy the run – it was boring. There was absolutely nothing to look at. I mean, there were TVs on each treadmill but I can’t for the life of me figure out how the volume works, so until I become proficient at lip-reading, watching TV is out. Also, my TV decided to quit – so after I spent half the run trying to find a channel with subtitles (CPAC) it cut-out. THAT’S HOW BORED I WAS, I WAS WATCHING CPAC FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I was also having a “fat” day – which, I am proud to say, have been very few and far between for a long time. But today was one of them. I kept thinking of this picture of the little girl running on the machine. And how I think I look, but how I actually look is quite different. It made me laugh at least!

So when my first thirty minutes were up I had to hop off the machine, dash to the board and sign-up again (oh yes people, I’m that asshole). The old guy to my right rolled his eyes. Ordinarily, I would have felt badly for abusing the time limit, but there were several other free treadmills. So I wasn’t too worried. I spent just under an hour running and sweating and hating every minute and reminding myself what a privilege it is to run. I swear, that is the only thing that kept me going. Thinking that even though I hated it so much in that moment, I remembered how badly I wanted to run last week and I couldn’t because I was so sick.

I finished. It wasn’t my best time. In fact, I was so hyper to get off of the machine I didn’t even take a picture I just bolted. It was just under an hour though, that much I do know. All I cared about was the fact that it was done and that the rest of this week is supposed to be sunny + warm, so the sidewalks should clear up.

That’s it from here – hope everyone out there is happy and healthy!

Day 89: Five mile #run in the bitter cold and an awesome first day at #WSHC

One foot in front of the other. Repeat.

IMG_6322Today was a very busy day! I was up early to meet Wedgie for a five mile run at Fish Creek Park. We arrived shortly after 9:30 and started the run. I think the temperature was around -16 – it was cold! The run wasn’t too bad at all, we kept it pretty flat (no hills). It was definitely slippery in areas but we maintained a very consistent pace throughout. We were both commenting that it would be grand to get those toques that have the pony-tail hole at the back – does anyone know what I’m talking about? And, where to get one? I always stuff my hair under my fleece KO hat because I love it and it’s not itchy at all, but a special hat for people with long hair would be awesome too. My legs were definitely cold, but not sore and even this evening after being on my feet all day they aren’t too bad (hopefully not jinxing myself for tomorrow). When we finished and took our post-run photo any hair that was showing, that had even the slightest amount of sweat was an icicle! We also saw a deer, but I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera out and snap a photo. I’m not minding the winter weather running as much as I thought, but I am finding that it takes a while to shake it afterward (I was cold most of the day). Anyone out there have any tips/tricks to get rid of the cold chill post-run? I do dress in layers, but I think it’s a combination of sweating and having to drive home after being out in the cold for almost an hour.

I also completed my #PushUpADay (five) and #PlankADay. (Thank you Runninbear for reminding me!) Sadly, I haven’t even looked at the training schedule tonight because all I want to do is go to bed!

I quickly want to tell you about my awesome day as a volunteer at the 2012 World Sledge Hockey Challenge today. I know it’s not running related, but it was terrific! I have met some really great folks from all over the city. I have seen some familiar faces and think how amazing it is that some of us have been volunteering at many of the same events, though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because it’s loads of fun. And it goes without saying that I truly enjoyed my very first LIVE sledge hockey games. Plus, Canada defeated Japan tonight 11-0!! Honestly, the whole time I was watching I was just blown away by the level of fitness these men need in order to compete at the level they do. Their stamina and strength must be out of this world. My arms and core just ached thinking of what a few minutes of just trying out Sledge Hockey would do to me (but I will try some day, it’s on the bucket list already!)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

Here are todays stats:dec2run

  • Distance: 8.01
  • Time: 51:25
  • Pace: 6:25
  • Best Pace: 5:02