Day 168: our hearts are in Boston… “terror finds its way to the most jubilant of days and it takes away the light…”

The bombings yesterday in Boston touched people around the world. As a runner and a parent, it’s difficult to comprehend the events that unfolded. The Boston Marathon is THE event for runners. To qualify and run in Boston is just a dream for most of us. To see the streets lined with supporters, to hear the music, to feel the adrenaline – not many get to experience this from the road… running. My heart breaks for Boston. For the people who were affected. For the families who have lost loved ones. For those hurt. For the volunteers who worked tirelessly to put on a world-class event to have it shattered by a senseless act of terror. My heart breaks. As a runner and as a mom, I send all my love to you. My heart is with you.

Yesterday I completed a 60-minute run on the treadmill. I can’t even say I hated every minute (as I usually do.) Instead, I thought of those who were meant to run, finish and celebrate after the marathon yesterday. I know a lot of runners around the world, ran for you yesterday and today. We are praying for you.

boston marathon bombing