Day 81: #Treadmill running @TricoCentre … #boring

So for any of you peeps out there in Australia, South Pacific, Mexico, South America basking in the glorious sunshine and warm weather – we’re really taking one for the team here in Canada. You’re welcome. Global warming my arse!

Anyway, today I had full intentions of running one of the hills in a community nearby (it’s pretty steep; perfect distance of 250m) but of course, we were dumped on last night! The snow also continued throughout the day today. Oh, and it started up again this evening.

At any rate, this has been a long day. As I mentioned on twitter, I had blood work today (lucky me!) Last night I had a snack at 9’ish and then I had to fast for at least 10 hours. When I got to my appointment at 12:40 p.m. (the earliest one I could get) the under-friendly clerk scolded me: “You should not have fasted that long. That’s too long. Remember for next time.” As I looked at her quizzically like, “Wtf? Was I supposed to get up at 2 am to eat or something? And… how many times do you think I need to come back for this shit?” Instead, I just smiled and said: “Thanks!” as cheerily as I could manage.

They took five (5) tubes of blood (gross right?) and mid-way through the nurse said to me  (after she noticed I was holding my breath) “You okay?” I could barely reply. I was so scared to make any slight movement with the dang needle in my arm.  I hate labs. No offence to people who work in them. I hate them. I realize they are incredibly important. But I hate them. Have you ever seen anyone smile in a  lab? Patient or staff? Ever notice that the waiting area could be empty and you could be standing at the desk and the clerks pretend they don’t see you. Have you ever noticed the explicit instructions in the bathrooms of labs? Good grief.

Anyway, enough ranting. I did hills tonight at the Trico Centre on the “dreadmill” (thanks Amy). It wasn’t too bad actually. I mean, the treadmills is boring. The gym was packed. And there were pre-adolescents there sans deodorant. Gross. Funny enough, the group from last week was doing their TRX Bootcamp. I caught myself grinning a few times seeing them sweating through those painful moves. I honestly thanked God I was running hills rather than working out in that class. Funny, eh? I thought I might try it out again tonight, but I noticed that there is a regular TRX class one night of the week (not a bootcamp) so I’m going to check that out instead.


I completed a little over three miles. I ran 1/4 mile flat and then 1/4 mile at an incline of no less than 7. The only thing about running on the treadmill (other than boring) is that I don’t feel the same sort of satisfaction. I truly would have gone running outside this evening, but I’m terrified of the ice. I am not one of those people who would gracefully fall – Oh no. I would go down faster than Mayor Ford on a football field.  So I do feel good about my decision to stick to indoor running tonight. When all was said and done, I did some yoga and stretching. I had full intentions of getting out the foam roller but it’s been a while since I used it and the gym was so busy that I didn’t want to hurt myself and have to slink out.

Tomorrow is another rest day. Thank goodness. I’m beat this week!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there! Happy Trails 🙂

Day 66: How to have fun while hill training on ice & snow.

So hill training isn’t that fun, especially after a sloppy drive home from Invermere; a long day unpacking and unwinding a toddler. And no, I didn’t run this hill, though I would love to some day. I just thought the picture was neat (it’s from our drive out of Invermere today).

After the drive, I pretty much put off running hills until 8:00 this evening; when it was dark and cold. At one point I thought, “it would definitely be safer to go to the gym.” Then decided, Nah…I’d rather risk it to get fresh air. And so I bundled up, put my favourite hat on and hopped in the truck in search of a good hill to run. I decided on a nice, long, steep hill about five minutes drive from our place (I’d definitely use it to train again). There were some really icy parts and some snow covered parts. I was certainly slower coming down the hill as I was terrified to slip but overall the run wasn’t too painful. I did 20 sets of 250 metres up and down the hill; as well as an additional 250 metres on the flats to cool down. The temperature was a nice -5 °C (a lot better than -16).

Now, onto how to have fun. Have you ever heard of John Pinette? He is easily the funniest person in the world or at least in my opinion. I can totally relate to his show “I’m Starvin'” and though I’ve watched it countless times, I laugh hysterically every time. So I guess my advice for fun on the run would be to stick him on (instead of music) and laugh while you run. I just find hill training different than running long distances; e.g.: borderline painful, but not quite. And his comedy breaks it up. Check him out. You won’t necessarily be doubled over laughing, though it is quite possible.

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 5.27
  • Time: 36:30
  • Pace: 6:53
  • Best Pace: 4:54



The good old kick in the butt!

Well Good Morning folks!

Let me start off by saying that this morning I woke up, thought to myself, “no effing way am I running today. I’m sore. Didn’t sleep well. And I just don’t feel like it.”

And then I checked my email. Let’s just say there were several emails of encouragement – and this turned my mood around. And surprisingly, I had a few notifications on my Facebook page that I had some “likes”! Granted, I’m related to a few, but I didn’t solicit the support – I didn’t even send out invites to the page!! Thank you guys, for your support – you know who you are!

Pictured is my pre-run breakfast. Let me break it down for you:

  1. French pressed coffee (Tim Hortons coarse grinds today)
  2. My favourite mug that I made (It says “keep your hand on it” – which Mimi used to say & I thought it was funny; some may say it’s inappropriate, so it’s a good thing I don’t care what “some” say. 🙂
  3. My favourite water glass; also inappropriate. From the best pal in the world. It says “TGIF Mother F……” Again, I know this is offensive to some, but it makes me laugh and life’s too short not to laugh, right?!
  4. Steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar and blueberries. I actually quite like it;the taste reminds me of blueberry pancakes. Y’all know I’m not a bullshitter and I’d tell you if it was gross – so give it a try!
  5. Third Eye Chakra by Full Moon Goddess (lol). Okay. Done laughing yet? I don’t usually believe in Hocus Pocus crap, but I picked this up at Planet Organic and I use it a lot. Yes, it makes me smell like I’m from BC, but ya know what? It works! (I’ll explain below)

So what the heck is Third Eye Chakra? 

It claims to help with self-awareness, command, power, authority (and you would swear that Christian Grey developed this in his own creepy lab.) However, I just find it helps wake me up in the morning. You’re supposed to spray on eyes (not whilst open); pineal gland (though it’s spelled wrong on the bottle) and temples. I’ve used things like Caudalie Elixir (retails for $48) which is supposed to wake your skin up but let’s be serious, I’m not the 1% and $48 for some skin stuff is a little steep. Therefore, since the Chakra is like $10 and works just as well I’ll stick with it. Don’t believe me? Try it out! Like I said, this morning I had no energy to get up and get moving, now I’ve had my breakfast, sprayed me face – I’m ready to rock!

Hope everyone is well out there. Thanks for your support!