Yoga Magazine shares my story in their Feb issue!

kat macaulay yoga magYou guys, I am so excited!

I’ve had a really awful week, but it just took a turn for AWESOME! Today I was minding my own business, snuck outside to grab the mail and there it was… the February issue of Yoga Magazine with my story in it! I wrote them over a year ago to tell them about how yoga had changed my life and a few months ago the Assistant Editor contacted me to see if they could use it. Of course I was thrilled and said yes!

yoga magazine kat macaulayI know how important it is to share the struggles we all have. From juggling life with post-partum depression to gaining weight (and trying to lose it). And I know how important it is to know that you’re not alone and although it’s hard to swallow your pride (in my case, very hard) the benefits of sharing far outweigh keeping up appearances. I also should say that I find it offensive when people act as though adjusting from single, no worries to having a plus-one, is a breeze. So in the words of Michelle Tanner: Puh-lease get real.

Thanks to Yoga Magazine & Martin Gill for including me in this – I’m so honoured! 🙂

Day 126: a little of this, a little of that cross training.

exercise comic Last night I hit the gym to do some cross training. I have to admit that I wasn’t really feeling it because I thought I should take a rest (and truthfully, my training schedule did have yesterday slotted as a rest day) but I really wanted to get out of the house. So I decided it was time to try out theTRX workout I came up with, but never got to several weeks ago. I partially completed it because I just wasn’t feeling it in my legs. And truthfully, it was really difficult to get through it using the Tabata app (Before I left home I decided that I didn’t need any “prep” time between Tabatas – wrong!) Also, I felt super uncomfortable because there were so  many people at the TRX machine – was worried that I’d slip up and kick someone.

Anyway, instead of doing just 4 minutes, I did 1o and I infused some YOGA into the workout, along with Pilates. It was tough and I was sweating like a pig on a spit. When I completed that, I hopped on the old elliptical for twenty minutes of speed work. I put the Tabata app on and decided that for 20 seconds I would have to maintain a stride rate of at least 160 (which is harder than you think when the resistance is 16 and elevation is 14) and take 10 second breaks in between. I did this work out for a full ten minute cycle and then just regular elliptical at full speed for five minutes and really easy for another five. When done that I hopped onto the track and did some laps to finish things off. I ran about one lap and sprinted another 1.5 laps; I believe I did this about 10x. Give or take.

And that was that! Felt great to sweat and I was glad I had gone. Enjoyed switching things up. I couldn’t help but roar at this comic. This is why I make time to work out; when you put it into perspective, it doesn’t make much sense to do otherwise, eh?

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!

P.S: I’m still looking for sponsors for BAM Calgary – if you have even a dollar to give, please do so! 🙂


Day 60: Hills on the dreaded treadmill.

Alright, so in case you didn’t see it on the news Calgary got hit with a terrific snowstorm last night and in fact it is still snowing now. I knew that the chances of me getting out this evening to run the hill over in Lake Bonavista would be slim to none, so I decided to make use of a rare opportunity to go to the gym mid-day. I don’t know about any of my running pals out there, but I totally hate running indoors: (a) I find it boring and (b) I can never seem to find the right speed. I did try to match it with what I’ve been doing outside, but it seemed a little too easy. However, when I would increase the intensity it quickly became too much. Bah!

At any rate, I jumped into the truck and headed over to the gym (thank goodness for 4×4). The snow was heavy and tons of ice underneath; when I was parking in the lot I could feel the truck sliding. No fun! As I suspected, the gym was fairly empty except for a guy on the track and a few of us using machines. I signed up for the machine and got going; I should make a confession here, you’re only supposed to stay on the machine for thirty minutes but because there were tons and no one else was waiting I continued without re-signing up) So sue me.

As I mentioned, I found the treadmill pretty easy but boring. I rotated 0.25 mile uphill and 0.25 flat for a total of six each. The steepest incline was 15 (whatever that means) and the minimum was 8.5. When I increased the incline, I decreased speed (except for the last one). I found it hard to mimic how I would run outside, but did my best. I must have looked silly with the machine going up and down every few minutes; there were definitely folks who were disrupted by the noise (sorry) but I had my music cranked so I couldn’t hear anything. I have to admit that I feel pretty great, especially now that it’s over. I treated myself to a spicy salmon roll afterward – it was divine.

Won’t be doing too much for the rest of the day. I tried baking gluten-free/sugar-free banana loaf yesterday and it was horrendous so I may try to make a coffee cake today. It will definitely have sugar in it though. I was not meant to bake and/or cook.

And yes, we have already been playing in the snow. When life throws you snow, make a snowman!

Happy trails folks!

Day 42/43: 4.5 miles and some yoga

So as you can probably tell, it’s been a little harder to keep up with the blogging as I’m away – I’m trying, but it seems harder to squeeze in! At any rate, I ran my first 4.5 miles yesterday and it wasn’t too bad. It was pouring yesterday! I made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt (opting not to wear my usual tank top underneath – what was I thinking?) Anyway, the run felt pretty good. My left knee and right ankle were a little sore, but after about a mile or so they seemed to warm up. Thanks to the people who honked at me while I ran the bay road and through town- I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see who it was… but thanks! 🙂

Here are yesterdays stats:

  • Distance: 7.48
  • Time: 46:31
  • Pace/km: 6:13
  • Best pace: 5:22

As for today, well, I didn’t cross train! The day seemed to get away from me. I have been picking at some yoga poses but no plyometrics as originally planned.

Hope everyone is well out there!

Day 39: 4 miles on the Baddeck Bay Road – what could be better?

Today was another 4 miler and a personal best at that!! We’re still adjusting to Atlantic time so instead of being up by 7:30 and ready to run by 9:30 am, I got up around 11am and ran shortly before 1 p.m. The time change is a killer! I also wasn’t sure how my RunKeeper would take to being in Cape Breton (the last time we were here, the GPS wouldn’t work.) But it worked wonderfully. I’m happy I don’t have to drive around trying to figure out distances..

The run was pretty good. It rained a bit in the beginning, but stopped and then I had a nice breeze. I forgot how narrow the shoulders of the road were so I had to run in the grass when some people drove by – almost got clipped by a guy who was too busy gawking and not watching the road; hit the puddle for that one! I absolutely hate the turnaround points in any run, so I found the first km afterward tough, but once I got back into my stride I was good. I finished strong and I believe my best pace was around 4:15 at one point – and for longer than a few seconds!

Other than that, it has been terrific to be home in Cape Breton. I came in the door from my run to delicious homemade tomato soup and rye bread – I do not want to go back to Calgary! 🙂  Despite the humidity, there is absolutely nothing better than running in Baddeck, by the Bras d’Or Lake!

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 6.40 km
  • Time: 38:32
  • Pace/km: 6:01
  • Best pace: 4:15