Day 137: Cross training on the elliptical – badda- BOOM!

Someecard Funny!I want to start this off with a funny from my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE comedian, John Pinette:

And I tried the low-carb bread. Have you tried it? It’s horrible. I tasted it. I thought the wrapper was still on. It’s not like it went bad, it never went good. They have “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter,” they should call it, “This Ain’t Bread.” ‘Cause it looks like bread, but it has no other properties of bread. I said, “You know what? I’ll butter it. That’ll make it better.” Butter won’t go on it. It slides right off. The butter’s like, “Where are you putting me?” Jam and jelly beads up and fall off it. Did they Scotch-guard this at the factory? You know what I’ll do? It’s okay, I’ll toast it. I’ll make a sandwich, I’ll toast it. It’s better when you toast it. It doesn’t toast. You can’t toast it. I’m out in the garage with a blow torch. It’s absorbing the heat like a space shuttle tile.

So getting up early the last few mornings has been a struggle (especially with little person battling illness…) But I managed to scrape myself out of bed and WALK, yes people, WALK to the gym this morning.

But before I get into my gym session, let me tell you a little story called, “The Girl who follows the rules and almost always gets hit in crosswalk”

It’s still dark out, I put on my running jacket with all of the reflective crap, so that people in space can see me. I head out. It’s a beautiful morning for a walk. I make it to the intersection. Wait a moment. Get the walk light and this jerk of a bus driver (Bus #7901 driving the #10 route) whips out (Right on Red) and proceeds to come up on the sidewalk so I have to back-off, thus limiting the amount of time I have to cross the intersection (which was already incredibly busy & quick.) I get it. It’s early morning. And God bless bus drivers because I don’t want that job – they put up with a lot of shit, but seriously? You make it REALLY difficult to defend you.

So the question I pose to Calgary Transit: the last time I checked, a walk light gives the pedestrian the right-of-way, not the vehicles sitting at the red light waiting for the opportunity to turn right UNTIL said pedestrian crosses safely. When did this change? 

I find it absolutely frustrating. You know why? Because I HATE jaywalking. Seriously. I don’t jaywalk. In fact, while in Chicago and EVERYONE was jaywalking I stood (in the rain) like an asshole until I got the walk light just so I wouldn’t (a) put my life in danger and (b) put someone else’s life in danger. Come on! I grew up in a small town and as asinine as it sounds, even if there were no cars coming I would still head to one of four cross walks in the mile long strip of our “downtown.” This is mostly so I wouldn’t be a hypocrite cursing pedestrians when driving and alternatively, cursing drivers while walking. It’s called respect.

At any rate, I did safely make it to the gym, albeit annoyed that I almost lost my toes to a bus driver who was in a real hurry to stop at the next stop and park. But I had a great session and worked my little heart out to CTV morning news – I love the Calgary team; they make me want to be a journalist because it looks like fun, not stressful (which I’m sure it is). They make it look so easy. Anyway, I completed just over thirty minutes on the elliptical and I’ll be doing 30 minutes of yoga later today when I can fit it in.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

If you have any ideas so that I can spice my cross training up, please share, share, share!! 

Day 118: Do you ever get that feeling someone is watching you?

creepy_voyeurs_TricoToday was another treadmill day at the gym *sigh*

Life is just too hectic, so there was no way I could fit in an outdoor run today between three schedules. Thankfully, Trico has amazing on-site childcare available at Kids Korner – the staff are incredible. Felix throws a tantrum literally every time I go in to retrieve him after a workout. Reassuring, eh?

Anyway I got changed, got my gear on, signed up for a machine and away I went. Today I completed just over 4 miles and it wasn’t nearly as awful as yesterday. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what the difference was today. Same play-list, different clothes – could that be it? The gym wasn’t all that busy either and seemed a little cooler so it could have been the temperature too. Man I hate running indoors though! At any rate, I was about half a mile from finishing when I got this weird feeling that someone was watching me. I did the ol’ scan around and noticed that a few staff members were up behind the glass creepily watching (and laughing) at something below. Now, you know me, I am a HUGE fan of Trico Centre, but this bothered me even if I do have thick skin.

I mean, who knows what they were laughing at, but they were directing their laughter and attention to something going on in the gym and it immediately made me self-conscious. I know, I know – why the feck (in the words of Mrs Brown) should I care if they WERE laughing at me? But I did. And even if they weren’t, it was the optics. It made me revert back to photo in yesterdays blog post. Seriously. In an instant, after feeling like I was having a great run I felt silly! So in typical Kat fashion, I stared back and they quickly sat down behind a screen.Has anyone else had this happen? I mean, realistically, there can be creepy gym goers as well. But has there ever been a time when you’ve felt really uncomfortable at the gym? I have to admit, this is truly the first time in a long time that I left feeling like this. Proof I just need to work on my confidence a little bit more!

I finished on the treadmill (about 40 minutes) and jumped onto the TRX bar. I did about 15 minutes over there. When I finished, I was DONE. I have a strong feeling that I’m going to be very sore tomorrow – but it was worth it!

I want to leave this post on a really positive note and will hopefully encourage others as well. When I dropped Felix off with the gals at Kids Korner, one of them said “Kat, you’ve lost weight, I can see it in your face – good for you!” As you know, for the last several months I have been working really hard on my running but I had truly forgotten that a big side-effect is weight-loss. I hadn’t seen these gals in a few months, so to them the change was big. And to be honest, I was pleased to hear it; I’ve worked hard, I’m happy with the reward! (Side-note: it’s okay to feel proud of your accomplishments, you don’t always have to be humble. Enjoy it. Revel in it. It’s not arrogant.) I kept playing the compliment over and over in my head because I remembered my favourite comedian receiving the same compliment. I can’t express the hilarity of it, so just take a look. You won’t regret it!

Day 87: a run in -12, feeling like -20.

“Then the trainer says to me, you know you’re tired now, you’re a little sore from working out but once you start you get addicted.” John Pinette: “I don’t think so. I think I can quit this gym stuff any time I want. I got a lot of willpower.”

How quickly we become addicted. And when we miss it, we miss it. Tonight was a four mile run and I must be addicted (or crazy) to get out and run in this weather. It was around -12, but with wind chill it felt like -20 (a considerable difference). It was also snowing and had subsequently snowed all day long so the sidewalks were completely covered. Oh, and it was a sheet of ice underneath the snow as well (temperatures have been going up and down; thawing and freezing; thawing and freezing.) I took my time and although it was chilly I enjoyed how peaceful it was. The light snow on the street lights and trees was nice and there wasn’t much traffic in the neighbourhood. Before I crossed Anderson I was admiring the beautifully lit homes. And I was surprised that on the other side of highway, there were hardly any houses lit up for Christmas. (Willow Park is kickin’ ass in that department!)

Not surprisingly I only almost wiped out a dozen times, but that was terrific compared to two dozen the last time I ran in these conditions. And I wasn’t the only crazy one out this evening either; I saw a few people out with dogs and also another runner. It was funny when we met one-another at the stop light; we both looked at each other as if to say: “What the heck are we doing out here…?” It has been so long since I have sincerely pushed myself to get out in terrible weather to run, so I can’t help but feel a little sense of pride tonight. And it really wasn’t that bad. Really. As long as I kept moving I felt fine but the minute I stopped I could feel the deep cold creep up my legs. I was wearing layers, including a long scarf around my face (still haven’t purchased a balaclava but it’s on my list!) My eyelashes had icicles on them and despite having the warmest Cape Breton wool mittens on, my fingers were freezing! But I survived. And before you preach about it being so cold that I’m asking to get sick,I want to tell you that that’s complete bologna. 

FACT: You cannot get sick from being out in the cold. The flu and common cold are caused by viruses. During colder months, when you’re stuck indoors with lots of people around, you are more susceptible to passing and sharing the virus around. Therefore, it has absolutely nothing to do with being outdoors in cold weather.

And besides, as a Canadian I’m pretty tough. I handled crappy weather in Sackville, New Brunswick for four years while I attended Mount Allison. I can handle this west coast weather!

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 6.45
  • Time: 39:24
  • Pace: 6:07
  • Best Pace: 4:29

P.S: John Pinette is amazing. He always makes me laugh and cheers me up. Hope you enjoy!

Day 66: How to have fun while hill training on ice & snow.

So hill training isn’t that fun, especially after a sloppy drive home from Invermere; a long day unpacking and unwinding a toddler. And no, I didn’t run this hill, though I would love to some day. I just thought the picture was neat (it’s from our drive out of Invermere today).

After the drive, I pretty much put off running hills until 8:00 this evening; when it was dark and cold. At one point I thought, “it would definitely be safer to go to the gym.” Then decided, Nah…I’d rather risk it to get fresh air. And so I bundled up, put my favourite hat on and hopped in the truck in search of a good hill to run. I decided on a nice, long, steep hill about five minutes drive from our place (I’d definitely use it to train again). There were some really icy parts and some snow covered parts. I was certainly slower coming down the hill as I was terrified to slip but overall the run wasn’t too painful. I did 20 sets of 250 metres up and down the hill; as well as an additional 250 metres on the flats to cool down. The temperature was a nice -5 °C (a lot better than -16).

Now, onto how to have fun. Have you ever heard of John Pinette? He is easily the funniest person in the world or at least in my opinion. I can totally relate to his show “I’m Starvin'” and though I’ve watched it countless times, I laugh hysterically every time. So I guess my advice for fun on the run would be to stick him on (instead of music) and laugh while you run. I just find hill training different than running long distances; e.g.: borderline painful, but not quite. And his comedy breaks it up. Check him out. You won’t necessarily be doubled over laughing, though it is quite possible.

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 5.27
  • Time: 36:30
  • Pace: 6:53
  • Best Pace: 4:54