Day 136: 8km run with Wedgie!

running buddies calgaryLast night was an 8km run with Wedgie – I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it. I had absolutely no energy and my legs felt like frickin’ cinderblocks! But I wouldn’t have gone on my own, so I’m incredibly grateful that Wedgie agreed to do a run with me. So as you can imagine, the social bit of the run was great – we caught up on everything that had gone on since the last time we ran together. As usual, there were some laughs and gossip! But the physical part of the run was a real struggle for me – I felt beat.

However, our time was fairly consistent, despite the terrain. I need to tell you how absolutely treacherous it is out there. The temperature is fantastic (above zero) but with that comes major melting and flooding. There were many times we had to gear down and hop around gigantic lakes of puddles. There wasn’t too much excitement as far as interesting things happening along the run; we did come across a lady walking a dog who seemed over-zealous, but other than that, nodda!

Thanks for the run last night W!

Here are the stats:runkeeper calgary running

  • Distance: 8.01km
  • Time: 53:48
  • Pace: 6:44
  • Best Pace: 6:10