Day 132: 8km run with Wedgie

kat and sue on wedgie night runLast night I was pretty rushed for time so I didn’t get a chance to blog (sorry!)

I am happy to report that despite the fact that both W and I weren’t really feeling the run, we went anyway. And in fact, when it was all over we were surprised because it wasn’t so bad after all! Our pace was fairly steady given our constant dodging of ice and snow and at one point, climbing over a significant embankment to get to the other side of the sidewalk. I would warn those of you running at night that it’s probably best to run with a buddy and take your time – it’s slick. The temperature was pretty great though and I think we were both feeling good.

For the rest of the week I’ll be focusing on cross-training and a little more weight training. I’m excited to take a break from long runs (even though I love them now) because I want the chance to do some new stuff without being worried about sore muscles and yadda yadda.

Anyway, here are last nights stats:run keeper kat calgary running

  • Distance: 8.02 km
  • Time: 57:19
  • Pace: 7:09
  • Best Pace: 5:45

Thanks for the great run!

Day 87: a run in -12, feeling like -20.

“Then the trainer says to me, you know you’re tired now, you’re a little sore from working out but once you start you get addicted.” John Pinette: “I don’t think so. I think I can quit this gym stuff any time I want. I got a lot of willpower.”

How quickly we become addicted. And when we miss it, we miss it. Tonight was a four mile run and I must be addicted (or crazy) to get out and run in this weather. It was around -12, but with wind chill it felt like -20 (a considerable difference). It was also snowing and had subsequently snowed all day long so the sidewalks were completely covered. Oh, and it was a sheet of ice underneath the snow as well (temperatures have been going up and down; thawing and freezing; thawing and freezing.) I took my time and although it was chilly I enjoyed how peaceful it was. The light snow on the street lights and trees was nice and there wasn’t much traffic in the neighbourhood. Before I crossed Anderson I was admiring the beautifully lit homes. And I was surprised that on the other side of highway, there were hardly any houses lit up for Christmas. (Willow Park is kickin’ ass in that department!)

Not surprisingly I only almost wiped out a dozen times, but that was terrific compared to two dozen the last time I ran in these conditions. And I wasn’t the only crazy one out this evening either; I saw a few people out with dogs and also another runner. It was funny when we met one-another at the stop light; we both looked at each other as if to say: “What the heck are we doing out here…?” It has been so long since I have sincerely pushed myself to get out in terrible weather to run, so I can’t help but feel a little sense of pride tonight. And it really wasn’t that bad. Really. As long as I kept moving I felt fine but the minute I stopped I could feel the deep cold creep up my legs. I was wearing layers, including a long scarf around my face (still haven’t purchased a balaclava but it’s on my list!) My eyelashes had icicles on them and despite having the warmest Cape Breton wool mittens on, my fingers were freezing! But I survived. And before you preach about it being so cold that I’m asking to get sick,I want to tell you that that’s complete bologna. 

FACT: You cannot get sick from being out in the cold. The flu and common cold are caused by viruses. During colder months, when you’re stuck indoors with lots of people around, you are more susceptible to passing and sharing the virus around. Therefore, it has absolutely nothing to do with being outdoors in cold weather.

And besides, as a Canadian I’m pretty tough. I handled crappy weather in Sackville, New Brunswick for four years while I attended Mount Allison. I can handle this west coast weather!

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 6.45
  • Time: 39:24
  • Pace: 6:07
  • Best Pace: 4:29

P.S: John Pinette is amazing. He always makes me laugh and cheers me up. Hope you enjoy!

Day 82: How to enjoy #fartlek training on icy sidewalks

This evening was fartlek training. I varied my speed from 7 minute per km to 3 minute per km. For the slow intervals I tried to keep it well under the 7 mark, it was usually between 6:30-6:40; for the steady interval I tried to keep it under 6:00 min, it was usually around 5:45; and finally, for the fast interval I tried really hard to keep it under 5:00 however, toward the end I was nearing the 5:10-5:25 mark. I’m thrilled to report that my first crack at sprinting tonight resulted in a 3:00 min/km for almost 200 m – which is good for me. I’ve never been a fast runner (which I’m okay with) but this is a nice milestone for me. I can’t remember, but I think this is one of my better 5km times? The sidewalks were about 65% bare this evening which was awesome but there were a few blasted icy spots that definitely gave me a run for my money! For most of the run I thought, man, running in humidity may not be too bad compared to this snow and ice. I mean, it wasn’t as cold out tonight as it was for my last run, but really? It’s +15 in Nova Scotia right now, with green grass and we have had snow for weeks now! So when it came time to take my post-run photo, I decided to get a little tropical – some beach, somewhere. But I quickly snapped back to reality when I remembered Claire’s (aka Runninbear) comment about getting up at the crack-o-dawn in Aus and it was already steamy. No thank you. 🙂

Which leads me to this evenings topic: How to enjoy fartlek training on icy sidewalks:

(A guide for anyone who is reward-driven)

  1. make a ridiculously awesome playlist
  2. count how many icy patches you cross
  3. when you get home, take a drink (of whatever bevvie you wish) for EVERY icy patch you hit on your run

Doesn’t that sound like a pretty awesome way to enjoy an icy fartlek run? What better way to motivate yourself than knowing you have a treat at the end of the tunnel. For me, since I can’t have wine or coffee until my tests are done, I’ll stick with some San Pellegrino. But you can make it OJ, hot chocolate, egg nog, tequila – whatever your little heart desires!

Here are tonights stats: 

  • Distance: 5:01
  • Time: 28:24
  • Pace: 5:46
  • Best Pace: 3:00

So that’s it from here. Tomorrow is an easy run and yoga. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday evening.

P.S: This made my Friday night. My kid is awesome. Sorry to all you people out there who hate people who talk about their kids. 🙂 

Day 81: #Treadmill running @TricoCentre … #boring

So for any of you peeps out there in Australia, South Pacific, Mexico, South America basking in the glorious sunshine and warm weather – we’re really taking one for the team here in Canada. You’re welcome. Global warming my arse!

Anyway, today I had full intentions of running one of the hills in a community nearby (it’s pretty steep; perfect distance of 250m) but of course, we were dumped on last night! The snow also continued throughout the day today. Oh, and it started up again this evening.

At any rate, this has been a long day. As I mentioned on twitter, I had blood work today (lucky me!) Last night I had a snack at 9’ish and then I had to fast for at least 10 hours. When I got to my appointment at 12:40 p.m. (the earliest one I could get) the under-friendly clerk scolded me: “You should not have fasted that long. That’s too long. Remember for next time.” As I looked at her quizzically like, “Wtf? Was I supposed to get up at 2 am to eat or something? And… how many times do you think I need to come back for this shit?” Instead, I just smiled and said: “Thanks!” as cheerily as I could manage.

They took five (5) tubes of blood (gross right?) and mid-way through the nurse said to me  (after she noticed I was holding my breath) “You okay?” I could barely reply. I was so scared to make any slight movement with the dang needle in my arm.  I hate labs. No offence to people who work in them. I hate them. I realize they are incredibly important. But I hate them. Have you ever seen anyone smile in a  lab? Patient or staff? Ever notice that the waiting area could be empty and you could be standing at the desk and the clerks pretend they don’t see you. Have you ever noticed the explicit instructions in the bathrooms of labs? Good grief.

Anyway, enough ranting. I did hills tonight at the Trico Centre on the “dreadmill” (thanks Amy). It wasn’t too bad actually. I mean, the treadmills is boring. The gym was packed. And there were pre-adolescents there sans deodorant. Gross. Funny enough, the group from last week was doing their TRX Bootcamp. I caught myself grinning a few times seeing them sweating through those painful moves. I honestly thanked God I was running hills rather than working out in that class. Funny, eh? I thought I might try it out again tonight, but I noticed that there is a regular TRX class one night of the week (not a bootcamp) so I’m going to check that out instead.


I completed a little over three miles. I ran 1/4 mile flat and then 1/4 mile at an incline of no less than 7. The only thing about running on the treadmill (other than boring) is that I don’t feel the same sort of satisfaction. I truly would have gone running outside this evening, but I’m terrified of the ice. I am not one of those people who would gracefully fall – Oh no. I would go down faster than Mayor Ford on a football field.  So I do feel good about my decision to stick to indoor running tonight. When all was said and done, I did some yoga and stretching. I had full intentions of getting out the foam roller but it’s been a while since I used it and the gym was so busy that I didn’t want to hurt myself and have to slink out.

Tomorrow is another rest day. Thank goodness. I’m beat this week!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there! Happy Trails 🙂

Day 62: Running with a wedgie @morrison_susanj – nothing like it!

Tonight was a four mile run and it was fantastic – you know why?

Because I finally got to go with my running buddy. It was terribly icy so we took our time, but that was alright because we had tons of catching up to do from the last time we ran (not that we don’t text on a daily basis, but this is different!) We did a route in my neighbourhood that is relatively flat, with only a few sets of lights that can mess up rhythm. I think the temperature was just right for an evening run, anything colder wouldn’t have been nice though. And there were definitely areas of extreme ice where we took it especially slow. I could feel my feet slipping and at one point I thought I was totally going to lose it (coincidently, in the same spot I almost REALLY fell last night.)

Other than that, the run was filled with the typical laughs, stories and general observations. Oh yeah, and at one point I thought I saw something move behind a power transformer. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye, but I was pretty sure it was a boot. We got closer and it most definitely was a boot – there was a little person hiding behind it. No doubt hiding from dinner. I was happy it wasn’t the drunk who likes to hang out in the bushes in front of our place. Awkward.

We didn’t have a super fast pace tonight, but I blame the fact that we talked from the start of the run until the very end (even when walking to cool down). And we are running in winter conditions and it’s frisking October 25th! Hello -16 + snow + ice. Now, after all that I’m going to enjoy a glass of wine and a movie. Tomorrow is a rest day. Yahoo!

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 6:45
  • Time: 46:37
  • Pace: 7:14
  • Best Pace: 6:30