Day 60: Hills on the dreaded treadmill.

Alright, so in case you didn’t see it on the news Calgary got hit with a terrific snowstorm last night and in fact it is still snowing now. I knew that the chances of me getting out this evening to run the hill over in Lake Bonavista would be slim to none, so I decided to make use of a rare opportunity to go to the gym mid-day. I don’t know about any of my running pals out there, but I totally hate running indoors: (a) I find it boring and (b) I can never seem to find the right speed. I did try to match it with what I’ve been doing outside, but it seemed a little too easy. However, when I would increase the intensity it quickly became too much. Bah!

At any rate, I jumped into the truck and headed over to the gym (thank goodness for 4×4). The snow was heavy and tons of ice underneath; when I was parking in the lot I could feel the truck sliding. No fun! As I suspected, the gym was fairly empty except for a guy on the track and a few of us using machines. I signed up for the machine and got going; I should make a confession here, you’re only supposed to stay on the machine for thirty minutes but because there were tons and no one else was waiting I continued without re-signing up) So sue me.

As I mentioned, I found the treadmill pretty easy but boring. I rotated 0.25 mile uphill and 0.25 flat for a total of six each. The steepest incline was 15 (whatever that means) and the minimum was 8.5. When I increased the incline, I decreased speed (except for the last one). I found it hard to mimic how I would run outside, but did my best. I must have looked silly with the machine going up and down every few minutes; there were definitely folks who were disrupted by the noise (sorry) but I had my music cranked so I couldn’t hear anything. I have to admit that I feel pretty great, especially now that it’s over. I treated myself to a spicy salmon roll afterward – it was divine.

Won’t be doing too much for the rest of the day. I tried baking gluten-free/sugar-free banana loaf yesterday and it was horrendous so I may try to make a coffee cake today. It will definitely have sugar in it though. I was not meant to bake and/or cook.

And yes, we have already been playing in the snow. When life throws you snow, make a snowman!

Happy trails folks!

Day 37/38 – Airports, Teething baby and running

Well – despite having every intention of running hills last night, after a red eye and traveling with a twenty-month old almost 12 hours a nap that was only supposed to last one hour was 4x that! Whoops!

At any rate, tonight I ran 6.5 km and it was absolutely terrific! The weather was perfect, my legs felt strong and what can I say, there’s nothing better than running in your home town… In Cape Breton! I started my run with a quick 200 m warm up on the flats and then hit hills. Probably completed about 1.5 km of hills which wasn’t too bad at all. For anyone who knows the rink/museum hills- they’re still my arch nemesis!! Loved the boardwalk; and the smell of the water. Ahhh- it feels great to be home!

Other than that there’s not too much to report. I likely won’t be running too much with F as I have built in babysitters who he loves spending time with (my parents; his grandparents) And also a heads up that I’m blogging from my iPhone so I’m sure my posts won’t be as long (lucky you) and will most likely harbor more spelling/grammar errors than usual.

My ankles seem to be a little tight still but I plan on doing some yoga tomorrow and maybe some swimming at some point through the week.

Here are tonight’s stats:


Oh and I want to tell you that I had the best vanilla latte today at “Bean There” – better than Starbucks!! I attribute my great run to a good cuppa Jo and the supper we had tonight at mom & Dmacs- good stuff!!

That’s it from here. Hope everyone out there is doing well. I look forward to catching up on some blogs this week!


Day 32: 4 mile tempo run in Fish Creek Park with an angry child

Today was our four mile tempo run. We decided to head back to Fish Creek Park because there are lots of trails to choose from, it’s all paved and pretty much even (less bumping around in the stroller.) We parked at the Ranch and ran the direction toward the River/Sikome beach. There were lots of people walking today, we saw a few other kids and some dogs. No wildlife today (thank God.) But I did pack my bear spray and had it handy on the stroller handle (just in case.) We also attached a cowbell to the stroller so we make some noise – cannot sneak up on anyone! I keep forgetting to mention it because now it comes naturally, but we continued with “Project Morning” – it was good. Most people were happy & said hello. 

We completed the 6.4 km, but had to split it up because Felix started protesting in the last 500m. Finally, I ended up stopping the clock and letting him get out and stretch his legs. He refused to walk anywhere and a couple with a dog walked by and Felix hopped up and started walking with them. Of course, when I tried to turn him around he threw a full-on temper tantrum (awesome.) But then we finally got situated in the stroller again and finished the last 400 m. It wasn’t a terrible run. I’m still feeling pretty crappy from the cold, but definitely better than I was yesterday.

I do want to tell you about the hill we did just by Sikome. It was short and terrible (would we have it any other way?) I had no intentions of running any hills today because let’s face it, tempo running is about keeping your speed up and a hill would throw a wrench into it. To be completely honest I thought there was more pathway at the top of the hill that would easily loop back to the Ranch, but that’s not the case. Well, it may be the case but I can’t read the darn legend on the maps…

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the break tomorrow – my body needs a rest!





Here are todays stats:  

  • Distance: 6.48 km
  • Time: 43:24
  • Pace/km: 6:45
  • Best Pace: 5:50


Day 30: 5 x 500m of hills… with stroller (OUCH!)

YAHOO! Finished hills today – thank goodness. Wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it through hills today as I went to bed last night not feeling fantastic and of course, woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose. And let’s face it 5 x 500 m UPHILL and 5 x 500 m DOWNHILL is exhausting at the best of times, let alone when you’re under the weather! But we got up, had our usual pre-run breakfast + coffee and jumped in the truck to find the perfect 500 m hill within the city (a more challenging task than it may seem). So after about 20 minutes of driving me and Felix found the perfect spot.

The first three times I ran the hill felt pretty good, but I’ll admit the last two near killed me. My lungs were burning, nose was stuffed, face was as red as a tomato and I was ready to quit. There was one point I was pushing the stroller as far ahead of me up the hill as I could and cursing it simultaneously. It was tough going with a stroller, but we did it! However, silly me forgot to put in the correct number of intervals so I have two sets of results.

Here are the stats from hills: