Canada Day @Spruce_Meadows ‘Heroes behind the heroes’ obstacle course

“A lot of people run a race to see who’s the fastest.  I run to see who has the most guts.” 

On Canheroes behind the heroes obstacle course at spruce meadowsada Day I started the day with an obstacle course at Spruce Meadows (it’s part of their running series to celebrate forty years.) I have to say it was a very-well organized event (kudos to organizers.) They had Up!97.7 broadcasting (Grant Buchanan), the military were present, they had a pancake breakfast, kit pick up was easy, there were lots of port-a-potties (yay!) and everything was well-marked.

Kat Macaulay Running while Pregnant Race Results heroes behind heroesThe race started on time (which is fantastic because I was feeling nauseous and wasn’t sure how long I would make it.) The had military personnel at every obstacle and had them yelling at everyone which was entertaining. They sent people who were participating in the obstacle course out in waves of 20 and I was in the third wave. I met our MLA for the first time (Dave Rodney) who was there with his wife and two boys (as it turns out we have some mutual friends that I didn’t realize – small world!)

The obstacle course itself was not bad at all (See legend). The only obstacle I would not do was the wall – I am too scared of slipping and falling on my belly; everything else was great. The very last obstacle was the “polar bear dunk” whereby you had to submerge yourself in freezing cold water. It was cold. And uncomfortable. After having lost my Cakat macaulay running while pregnant calgary at heroes for heroes at spruce meadowsmelBak at the Spartan Race in Edmonton, I handed off my brand-new bag to one of the military guys who graciously held it for me as I gingerly eased myself into the tank (despite them yelling at me to do a canon ball… I told them to ‘get real’.) The only bummer was that I didn’t bring a towel, so I had to use our reusable grocery bags on the seat of the car so I wouldn’t soak right through.

I didn’t stay long after the race to enjoy the pancake breakfast (despite the MC making a comment that I would be eating for two and ‘there goes their budget’) All-in-all, I would recommend the race to anyone who doesn’t mind pavement. For me, I enjoy trails so it wasn’t my favourite race but next year I plan to bring Felix because I know he will love it!