Week 4 & Week 5: it was warm, it was cold, it was icy.

winter its time for you to leaveNowhere in the world has bizarre winters like Calgary. Holy mackerel. Over the last two weeks temperatures have dipped as low as -22 to +12 (and forgive me if that’s wrong!) But there was almost always 100% chance of ice and slush.

The last two weeks I have taken a few extra rest days. A lot of it has to do with terrible scheduling on my part and the other part has to do with an awful blister I have on my ankle that I can’t seem to heal. At any rate, I have been taking it slowly and gradually building my mileage.

This morning I woke up and didn’t really think I’d have a great run, in fact I tweeted just that… “Long Run Sunday: don’t you hate it when you just know before a long run that it isn’t going to be a good one? #runnerprobs” But it wasn’t a bad run at all and today I did my first 10km in I don’t know how long – it felt awesome! The reservoir was absolutely freezing but it was nice that there was hardly any ice.

For the dog owners out there: don’t take this the wrong way but it would be dandy if you could haul in your dog when you meet other runners on the trail. I am sure your dogs are kind and gentle but to be honest, it’s absolutely terrifying to stare an alpha-male Rottweiler-German-Shephard-Boxer mix in the face as he is barreling toward me. Lil intimidating. Even the little dogs are annoying, almost even more annoying to be brutally honest.

At any rate, it felt terrific to finish today despite my phone dying before I finished! I ran the last 1.5km with no music and it was pretty peaceful.

Here’s my last two weeks of training (some days were good, some were bad… hanging in there!)

Jan 20: 11.2km Bike

Jan 21: 6.75km Run

Jan 22: REST

Jan 23: 3.0 km Walk (Cross train day)

Jan 24: 4.42m Run

Jan 25: REST

Jan 26: 8.03km Run

Jan 27: REST

Jan 28: 7.02 km run

Jan 29: REST

Jan 30: 3.39km Run

Jan 31: 6.47km Run

Feb 1: REST

Feb 2: 10km Run



THANK YOU to the lady who said “GOOD WORK!!” to me when I was only 4km in, but not really feeling my run today. I really need that encouragement – thanks!

Week 3: first #running blister out of the way…

winter its time for you to leaveThis week was pretty good for running – the temperatures have been super mild (thankfully) however, that means there is a lot of ice (because the temps drop below “0” at night)… therefore, I have been spending quite a bit of time on the dreadmill. I feel like it’s the “easy” way out, but my husband reassures me that it’s much better than breaking bones. He’s usually right.

Jan 13 – 20.56 km bike ride. As usual, didn’t particularly enjoy the bike but made it through. Was happy when it was finished. I have no idea how people stay on the bike for 1+ hours…I would need intravenous wine.

Jan 14- 5.61 km – I don’t remember this run but I’m sure it was good! I have been doing some speed work to make sure I can hit the 9:30 min/mile max we are allowed for the Cabot Trail Relay. I don’t know why I’m so slow this year, I blame Stephen Harper.

Jan 16 – This was a short run which I was eternally grateful for (only 2 miles)… and I completed it on the treadmill which wasn’t too bad. I then hopped off and matched it with a 2 mile bike ride, which wasn’t bad at all because it was quick.

Jan 18 – 5.6 km Run – this was the run for #MegsMiles. I was super disappointed when I got home and my tights are too worn out that I need to replace them – does anyone have recommendations for cropped tights? Must be flattering. Seriously.

Jan 19 – 8.07 km Run – ran Eau Claire this morning with one of the Alberta Energized teammates. Bless his heart as he slowed down for me, but it was still a pretty quick pace. The temperature was really enjoyable, there was only a little bit of ice and I got the first training blister out of the way (crappy running socks!)

That’s it for this week! Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there…!!!!

Week 2: training from -20 to +10

Calgarys_Sidewalks_snowI’ve realized now that I’ve got a full-time job, the best use of my time (and easiest thing for me to do) is weekly reports on training to keep me on track (rather than daily) and schedule them so I don’t have to worry about them posting – you’re the guinea pigs! Stick with me…

Jan 5: 5.41 km Run

I ran around my neighbourhood. The roads/sidewalks are a mess right now because of all the snow we’ve had so it wasn’t a particularly fast or enjoyable run but I finished it!

Jan 6: 22.57 km Bike

We all know just how much I love the bike. I was actually happy for the change of scenery. I am not enjoying the treadmill so much, so the bike was a welcome change (for a while.) I completed varying degrees of intensity and felt pretty good when I got off of it. My knee was still a bit tender at this point but biking helped make me feel stronger (even if it was just psychological!)

Jan 8: 6.53 km Run

This run was from my office over lunch time. The weather was quite mild and I actually enjoyed most of it. However, I did finish my run on the Centre Street bridge hill which was a colossal mistake. Yes. I do realize this will help me in the long run, but I was tired and I didn’t think I had much more in me to keep going. I remembered pretty quick from my last half-training that this is very much a mental game!

Jan 9: 6.40 km Run

The dreadmill. I mean, treadmill. This run was at the @TricoCentre on one of their glorious treadmills. As much as I dislike them, I do know that it makes more sense to hop on one than try to run around our sloppy, snow/ice covered streets. For some reason I am finding the treadmill even more difficult this time around – not sure if it’s just me, or if they’re actually just harder (probably me…) I also completed this with varying intensity in speed and incline.

Jan 11: 7.02 km Run

Glenmore Reservoir run and it was terrific. I had only intended to do a 6.4 km run, but was feeling really strong and wanted to take advantage. The trail was quite busy, despite heading there fairly early. It’s nice to see others out and feel the support/encouragement.

 Jan 12: 7.22 km Run

Final run of training week #2 was with the girls at #EauClaire. We started at around 9:45 and ran along the river, crossed and circled back to the parking lot by the Shaw building. It was a pretty nice run (but very slippery), much warmer than the one last Sunday and we did go further than we intended (which was good.)

That’s it for training! Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there.

Here are some tips for stretching [Source: About Running]

  • Don’t rush it. Stretch slowly      and hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Don’t stretch through pain. Don’t      stretch beyond the point where you begin to feel tightness in the muscle.      You shouldn’t push through muscle resistance, and never stretch to the      point of pain. As you feel less tension, you can increase the stretch a      bit more until you feel the same slight pull.
  • Do stretch both sides. Don’t just      stretch your left calf because you feel tightness on that side. Make sure      you’re stretching both sides equally.
  • Don’t bounce. It’s a common      mistake, but bouncing risks pulling or tearing the muscle you’re trying to      stretch. Make sure you stretch your muscles gradually.
  • Don’t hold your breath. Stay      relaxed and breathe in and out slowly. Make sure you don’t hold your      breath. Take deep belly breaths.

Day 202: National Running Day (so they say…)

“Life is a beautiful journey.” – M.W.

runforbostonIsn’t that just the truth? I have neglected twitter a bit over the last few days and for some reason, that still managed to pop up on my newsfeed. I believe it.

Today was allegedly national running day. Now, I don’t know if it’s a US thing, an Australia thing or a Canadian thing, but I decided that what better way to celebrate the day than doing some hill training?


“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” -Dean Karnazes

I think I’ve already mentioned that every time I have run since the Boston Marathon my thoughts always lead to the people who were affected by this years tragic events. I can’t honestly say I’ve hit the pavement without being so thankful for the ability to run (even if I am slow!) So today, I ran for Boston. Again.

Now, I wasn’t particularly feeling the hills today. But as stubborn as I am, I decided I would pick the 350m hill by Diamond Cove. What a prick that hill is. Actually, I felt good about myself because a cyclist whizzed by me at the bottom and when I hit the turnaround point, I passed him going up (he had dismounted at this point.) I was barely moving, but I was proud.

Anyway, I finished today doing an extra run up the hill. I know I could have pushed myself more but a deer scared the shit out of me and after some “animal” talk with runners/bikers last night, I decided to beat it home.

That’s it from this end. Don’t forget to sign up for our ALL-Alberta Cabot Trail Relay team –  so, so, so excited about this!!!!

Todays stats:


Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

p.s.: the new runkeeper gives splits and elevation. I am in love. Was just looking for this info on other runs today. Awesome.

Day 201: 5 mile run, 7 mile bike, plank challenge & good times at Bonterra!

leaninWow – what a day! It finally stopped raining in Calgary so my movie/work marathon that’s been going on for the last several weeks came to a screeching halt. Felix enjoyed getting outside at the Trico Centre after he spent two hours there so I could work out.

I completed 5 miles on the treadmill (under 50 minutes) and then 7 miles on the bike (under 30 minutes) so I am pretty happy with myself. I’ve been pushing myself a little more each workout and by the time I’m done I’m sweating like a stuffed pig! Which by the way, segues nicely into my evening event which included Bonterra Trattoria and wild boar.Seriously. Have you ever seen a wild boar on a spit? It is something to behold, let me tell you. The food there was so delicious and the wine was divine! I saw good old  Kendall Jackson vino and it took my back to the Port of Wines Wine Show in Halifax. Those were the days! Anyway, this evening  I was lucky enough to get to hang out with fellow Calgary Stampede volunteers. What a good time: great food, wine and company. Made me proud to be a volunteer with such a terrific crew of people! Two of which will be joining the ALL-Alberta running team for the Cabot Trail Relay – woooowhooo!!!

Tomorrow is hill training. Still debating on location. If you have any recommendations, I am all ears!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

Day 197, Day 198, Day 199 and Day 200! Holy Crap!

funny comic girl on treadmillOkay, I am seriously falling behind in my blogging and I apologize. It’s hard to juggle everything these days! But here is a super quick rundown of everything, with a few highlights.

Day 197:  Speed Training

I enjoyed speed training on the treadmill last Wednesday (not.) I completed 4.8 km in 30 minutes. I was really tired and quite honestly not “feeling” the treadmill. I was extremely happy when it was over.

Day 198:  9.61km on the treadmill

As much as I hated speed training, I didn’t mind my longer run on Thursday. I do believe this was for two reasons, (1) I didn’t wear the wrong shorts like I did the day before and (2) I ran a lot of it on a decline (LOL) sorry… it was the only thing that kept me motivated. I will say that I do tend to go much faster on a decline (for obvious reasons…) I completed that in 56:40.

Day 199:  18km through Fish Creek Park

What an incredible day! The run was a little bit tough as I jumped from 15’ish km to 18km but I did pretty well. I had to stop a few times to get a drink because it was somewhat warm out (not to bad though.) There were two hills that were incredibly hateful right in the middle of it. I think the run would have been better if I could have just started and run all the way downtown, but perhaps I’ll do that next week when I attempt 12.5 miles. I saw an Airedale Terrier when running, that was neat. Lots of bikers and runners out as well. Oh yeah, and I bought awesome new running sneakers that make ALL the difference in the world. And guess what, they aren’t ASICS! (they’re brookes…) Looking forward to next weeks long run.

Day 200:  16km on the bike

First of all, I can’t believe it’s been 200 days of this already? I started this journey August 21, 2012 (which was really 286 days ago, so apparently I’ve had a lot of rest days…) But it’s been an awesome journey and I’m excited for the next 200 which will hopefully include me finally running a half marathon; training for the Mud Hero; and a bunch of other challenges.

Anyway, the bike was it’s usual old self: boring. I completed 16 km and then did a bunch of weights. I don’t think I pushed hard enough because I’m not a bit sore today. Tonight I have YOGA. Woowhoo!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!


Day 183: running mid-day, with a stroller and 30 lbs kid!

Today we got a later start than we expected for our run. We headed out really close to noon (dumb) when I had actually planned to hit the trail for 10 am, when it was much cooler. At any rate, we put our sunblock on, packed our water, treats and toys and off we went.

wow I was scheduled to run an easy 4 miles and I was thankful for that. The trail was pretty easy with just a few short hills. It was busy though! Lots of people out during their lunch hour (I assume) and making the best of an incredibly gorgeous day. Felix was awesome. Pointing things out, reading his book, eating treats and just enjoying the sunshine. I had lots of support on the trail. One lady was resting on roller blades and said “You go girl!” and I met a man further on who said, “It’s a good day mom. Way to go.” These little words of encouragement mean the absolute world when you are hitting the wall.

So I calculated the distance so that we would finish right by the park (about 1km from our truck) so that on our way back, we could stop and play for a bit. Well, that was a terrible mistake. After 30 minutes and well-passed lunch I tried to get my toddler out of there. He was not having it. I negotiated as best I could, but in the end I pulled the old football-under-arm trick and off we went. He screamed and screamed (fantastic). People stopped walking and running to comment (thank you) “Oh, someone isn’t enjoying the walk” … “oh yes, it’s hot out for everyone.” No. Ladies. He is pissed because he wasn’t finished on the slide. And I got a sunburn.

At any rate, he forgave me by the time we got back to the truck. Just before he asked if he could “nap.”  It was a good day. We ran. Together. Love this kid.

Here are our stats:

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