Holy tights, Batman!

Okay – so I’m in desperate need of running tights. Today, I worked out that my absolute favourite pair of running tights (Puma) are ten freaking years old! TEN!!!! They still have a few more runs left in them (I think) but I have concerns that they’re slowly becoming transparent! As many of you know, it’s really hard to find comfy clothes to run in; ones that are both practical and look great. I’ve spent my fair share of hard-earned dollars on crappy running gear that falls apart after a few runs, so I’m okay to spend a little extra but don’t want to break the bank. I’ve looked at Lululemon, Winners and Sportchek – but haven’t seen anything that compels me to purchase. Also, I recently learned that the coveted Lulu pants aren’t that fantastic as they pill – does anyone have any suggestions? I literally googled “best running tights” and it came back with a list from Amazon; of the top ten, nine were CW-X. I’ve never heard of this company before? Mind you, I never really looked that hard for tights either.

I absolutely DREAD trying clothes on, so you can imagine how I feel about trying tights on. For anyone who knows me, they’re aware of the fact that I generally buy clothes, try them on at home and return if they don’t fit. I HATE trying anything on at the store – I find it really awkward. So my hope is to get some feedback, buzz into a store, pick up what I need and leave or just order online.

Here is my tall order of must haves for running tights:

  • Comfortable (obviously)
  • Economical (less than $100)
  • Stylish
  • Flattering
  • Durable
  • NO special washing instructions. Cripes- the last thing I want to do after a run is hand-wash my clothes!

So if anyone out there has some recommendations on their fave tights, I’d REALLY appreciate the feedback!