Day 105: Interval training on the elliptical Christmas Eve!

Heading to the Gym.... Christmas EveOkay, so this is proof that if you don’t write about your training you lose track of what you did which day!

On Christmas Eve, we hit the gym again. My sister continued on with running (God love her, I hate the treadmill) and I did interval training on the elliptical for forty-five minutes. I started out at the highest resistance (20) and every three to four minutes, I would bring it down by one (1). It was pretty tough and I was sweating a lot, but it felt great to get it done.

I did some planks, push ups, stability ball work and a few weight machines. I think we were at the gym a little over an hour. We were definitely sweaty and burned enough calories to enjoy Christmas Eve drinks and goodies guilt-free (though truth-be-told, I probably would have enjoyed them anyway).

I really enjoyed the switch-up with the elliptical because I was getting a little bored of running and I think taking a break from it was necessary!


Day 103: Gym time with my sista!

photo 2photo 3Yesterday was our first day on Christmas vacation so naturally, we hit the gym. It was pretty good. I did speed training on the treadmill – completing ¼ mile at 5.5 and a ¼ mile between 6.5 and 7. I did this for just over 3 miles. At the end of it I was sweating like a pig and glad it was over. I just can’t seem to enjoy treadmill running. And then did some quick circuit training stuff and left to enjoy the rest of the day with our family. Which was more fun and I was way more productive. We forgot to take post workout pictures, so instead I’m posting pictures of the tree all trimmed and the festivities.

Blog posts are going to be a little short and I’ll probably be doing more gym time than running outdoors this week. Today I plan to do some cross training on the elliptical and maybe the bike (but we all know how much I hate the bike). I was also going to give some plyometrics a try. Living life on the edge. What’s everyone else doing out there?

photo 1YAHOO – two sleeps until Santa!!

Day 100: A delightful #Christmas run & thanks!

YAHOO! Kat from RunningKatTales done Day 100 of trainingYesterday marked my one hundredth day of training, a pretty special milestone for me. And coincidentally I received an email congratulating me on hitting one hundred “likes” as well.

When I began training in August there was certainly a part of me that was a afraid that I’d give up after a month or even a week (despite the blogs purpose to keep me on track). And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there are still days now that I get a little anxious thinking: “Holy crap, what if I can’t do it!?” But then I have to remind myself that there will be many little milestones before I hit my goal and I’m okay with that because I believe I can do it. 

And the timing of yesterdays milestone couldn’t have been more perfect. Coincidently, I had been asked to look over a manuscript about perseverance in business and life; it was during this that I was reminded that my own personal success is based on belief in myself (thank you Millar; author Boardroom to Basecamp). It doesn’t matter if your goal is to run a company or run a marathon, if you don’t believe in yourself you’ll never get anywhere. So as I hit this milestone with a mixture of elation and trepidation of what’s to come, I know that in order to succeed I have no choice but to believe in myself.

And in the words of Sir Richard Branson:

I believe in myself. I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think and in the hearts that love.

And with this milestone on my mind, I had a terrific run. I threw on some Christmas music and ran through my neighbourhood enjoying the beautifully lit homes. I kind of felt like a kid in a candy shop; my head was swivelling in every direction to catch all the lights and decorations. Some houses are just so gorgeous; they’re picturesque with their white lights and red ribbons. Then there are houses where you know some “characters” live there. They’ve got loads of bright lights of all colours, twinkling away. It was great. I didn’t have a PR or PB, but I really enjoyed myself (and even the cold!) I finished confident, feeling terrific and hopeful for what lays ahead.

I truly hope it goes without saying that I’m incredibly grateful for the encouragement from everyone out there who has followed me and my mission to get fit and train.

Thank you P & F for constantly reminding me what’s important and how to keep it close to my heart.

Thank you to my awesome running buddy who listens to me vent, makes me laugh and is just an all-around great friend.

Thanks to my family – I know I’m probably too boisterously honest for a small-town girl, but I was raised to speak my mind (sorry if I embarrass you 🙂 )!

To my WP running buddies: You. YES YOU. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

To my crew on Facebook and Twitter – especially Lorna – you always “like” my posts, even when they’re boring and I’m appreciative of that 🙂

Thank you ALL from the very bottom of my heart. Your notes, comments, encouragement and “funnies” keep me motivated. It keeps me putting one foot in front of the other (which seems like an easy task until you have to do it for an hour-plus!) – this is OUR milestone!  And I know to some people this all seems like such a silly mission in life, but to me, it’s a big part of my bucket list. And I very-much look forward to checking it off! And also, I don’t give a flying f… what the haters think. Haters gonna hate!


Here are tonights stats:Day 100 of Training! Amazing!

  • Distance: 6.44 km
  • Time: 40:08
  • Pace: 6:14
  • Best Pace: 5:15

Five ways to stay on track with training during Christmas

Side note: First, I know that using the word “Christmas” may offend some people. And I did hum and haa about changing it to “Holidays”, but I decided not to and I refuse to apologize. You know why? Because I’m Christian and the holiday we’re celebrating revolves around the birth of Christ. Now I know some of you will be like, “What an ignorant jerk. Doesn’t she know I’m Jewish and this holiday is Hanukkah?” or “Boy, she really needs to give her head a shake. As a Jehovah’s Witness we don’t carry-on with any such celebrating. Ever. Now stop bothering me with such nonsense because I have doors to knock on.”

Christmas Ginger Bread House But for any of us that are celebrating over the next few weeks, it can be a true test of willpower. Yes. I say this as I’ve made four batches of chocolate fudge totalling somewhere around 25,000 calories. And I’ve already snuck a couple pieces. I’ve made snacks and treats to be shared among family and friends (I’ve also helped myself to those to) But I believe this time of year is really about spending time with your family and good friends, enjoying great food (and spirits) and honouring the true meaning of the season. So this is not meant to be a lecture on how to stay skinny or get skinny through the holidays, but it’s more of an acknowledgement that we’ll all cheat a bit more on our regular lifestyles over the next few weeks.

We know the typical goodies we’ll consume over a relatively short period of time: chips, crackers, cheeses, dips, cookies, tarts, rich desserts, candy canes, chocolate, donuts, eggnog, booze and not to mention all of the turkey fixings. For a lot of us, we won’t eat all day (saving our calories for the evening) and binge all night. And forget drinking water. Drink pop, juice, wine, punch or beer. Since I’m probably the most guilty of all Christmas bad habits, that I thought I would share some ideas on how to curb them and stay on track. Plus, I feel like I’ve worked so hard over the last few months that I don’t want to throw it totally away over a few days (but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy myself either).

(1) Eat regular meals. Try not to disrupt your routine too much. If you usually have three square meals a day + snacks, continue to do so. If you’re a forager and snacker like me (eating  smaller snacks every few hours) do that! But in case you need some explanation, let me set the scene: Okay. So you have a Christmas party tonight. There will undoubtedly be loads of food and copious amounts of booze, but, this doesn’t mean it’s smart to starve yourself during the day and save those calories! This is purely experience-based as I’m speaking from the perspective of someone they call the “hover snacker” (the person who enters the party, finds the most savoury dips and crackers and hovers around the spot for hours.) Now, I realized I only did this when I hadn’t eaten my normal meals throughout the day thinking that it would be good-to-go come party time. I was wrong. Not eating throughout the day (or not eating enough) makes you consume more of those crackers and dips. And hey, we all know that dips are freaking amazing (especially my moms onion, spinach and artichoke dips) but you don’t need to make a meal of it (plus it will make you really gassy… ew!) I’m not a calorie counter (and bless you people who keep track) but I’m confident when I say I’d probably consume the entire days calories in C & D!

(2) Get active. If you’re usually on the go whether it be at the gym or outside running around (or maybe not that active at all), try to fit in some activities to get your heart going. Go for a walk after dinner. Or if you’re lucky enough to have snow (we have had it for months now) go on a snowshoe excursion. If you don’t have snow (too bad) go for a bike ride (I hate biking, but you may like it.) The point is, you don’t have to go out and sweat incessantly and smash out personal bests, just get moving. I can speak from experience too. This is what our Christmas usually looks like: Dec 24 – prepare meals (snack on prep food); have everyone over (eat and drink to the point of food coma); Dec 25 – have an amazing mid-morning brunch with all the goodies (bacon, eggs, croissants, hash browns, sausages); laze around; then eat Turkey dinner. Dec 26 – continue to eat leftovers and sweets, until you can no longer move. So you see, it’s been a while since I’ve fit being active into our schedule. I plan to this year. I’ll post and keep myself honest.

(3) Smaller portions. I’m going to be honest with you here. I am a glutton when it comes to mashed potatoes, moms stuffing, cheesy cauliflower and gravy. These are my favourite parts of dinner. However, I’ve also noticed that I not only FEEL BETTER when I eat smaller amounts but I take more time to savour it. I know everyone says “take a smaller plate” and I’m not going to lie, I would usually roll my eyes. BUT, they were right. I’ve used smaller plates and I end up taking less food but taking more time to eat it (and enjoy it). If you’re a calorie-counter and are on a weight-loss journey, I’d urge you to try this. Truthfully, after all the hard work you’ve put in do you really want to jeopardize your progress?

(4) Add Veggies. Now this is something I would triple-roll my eyes at. But honestly, I love raw veggies and dip. For every meal it seems I’m adding raw veggies. The good thing is that they’re jam-packed full of nutrition, they fill you up  too so that you don’t fill up on crackers and cheese (which I would… and probably still will this season). It’s also a nice change. When I eat too much junk my mouth gets sore (can anyone else relate?)

(5) Have fun. Don’t agonize or feel guilty if you indulge. The spirit of the season is to truly celebrate.  Remember why you’re getting together. Have fun. Enjoy the great company. And be thankful.


Day 92: a BITTER cold #run

This morning I woke up feeling so-so. It took me a long time to rally and get my head wrapped around the idea of running in -27 (even if it was a short one). About an hour after I intended on hitting the pavement – and two cups of coffee later – I finally got out. Boy OH boy, was it cold!! I don’t think any amount of mental preparedness gets you ready for anything colder than -10. I wrapped a scarf around me several times, had a thick long sleeve + my difference maker jacket, hat and leather gloves and I was still frozen. I want to tell you that after ten minutes of warming up, it was fine and not bitter cold, but I’d be lying. It was so cold that half-way through, my phone which was charged to 100% shut off. TOTALLY OFF. So I have no stats for today. I had icicles on my eyelids, scarf, nose, hair, hat – everywhere! When I finally made it home, my thighs were raw red – even though the water in the shower was cold, it felt hot. Incredible – eh? The physical part of running wasn’t too bad, but it was hella slippery. It was lightly snowing when I left, so there was a light dusting on the ice when I got out and I have to say, SHAME on the Acadia Dr people for leaving their sidewalks a mess! How do you expect people to get moving on them? It is your responsibility to keep them clear! We even have landscapers that come snow-blow after snowfall but if they don’t show up within a few hours I will get out and do it myself because I’d feel terrible if anyone fell and hurt themselves! Anyway – enough ranting. Loving the Christmas lights and seeing the Jone’s beating out the Jone’s for Griswold status. Amazing.

And sadly, today was the last day for World Sledge Hockey Challenge. Met lots of great people and really enjoyed myself. A terrific time – can’t wait to do it again next year!

IMG_6409Hope everyone is healthy and happy out there. Since my phone was frozen I have no post-run pics, but I do have this picture from supper where I gladly helped myself to a 32 oz Schooner of Alexander Keiths. YUM!