Day 105: Interval training on the elliptical Christmas Eve!

Heading to the Gym.... Christmas EveOkay, so this is proof that if you don’t write about your training you lose track of what you did which day!

On Christmas Eve, we hit the gym again. My sister continued on with running (God love her, I hate the treadmill) and I did interval training on the elliptical for forty-five minutes. I started out at the highest resistance (20) and every three to four minutes, I would bring it down by one (1). It was pretty tough and I was sweating a lot, but it felt great to get it done.

I did some planks, push ups, stability ball work and a few weight machines. I think we were at the gym a little over an hour. We were definitely sweaty and burned enough calories to enjoy Christmas Eve drinks and goodies guilt-free (though truth-be-told, I probably would have enjoyed them anyway).

I really enjoyed the switch-up with the elliptical because I was getting a little bored of running and I think taking a break from it was necessary!