Day 95: 5km of speed training in #WillowPark

I’m not going to lie, I did not want to get out this evening; at all. In fact, I was conversing with a friend and commenting on how much I was dreading speed training (but running in general tonight). It’s not even the weather, the temperature is a balmy +1… if you can believe that! I guess I must be hitting a bit of a wall. Anyway, after much procrastinating, I did manage to get myself out there.

pruneyMy original plan was to run two minutes slow and then one minute sprints (ten rounds in total). In actuality, I started out and completed just over two (2) full intervals (1.12 km) when my dang phone shut off. This is right after I started researching the Garmin and thinking, what the heck do I need that thing for, my iPhone works just perfectly… WRONG.  It may, or may not have something to do with running in the POURING rain while home in Cape Breton (because my “issues” with it started while there). But at any rate, it annoyed me. I kept going and just guessed at distances (usually by the street lights) though in Willow Park they are rather sporadic.

About ten minutes went by and my phone turned back on (so creepy). I restarted RunKeeper. Again. This time I made it 1.84 km. I was super aggravated at this point because I had absolutely no idea what time it was and took it as a sign to head home. I was annoyed with myself because I knew that I should have put a case on the phone before going out (knowing darn-well that it is finicky) but didn’t. And I was also annoyed because I thought for sure I didn’t get the 5 km of speed training distance in. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had indeed met my speed distance! I pulled up trusty old google and sure enough, 5 km on the button! YAHOO!

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over for the week. Tomorrow is just a regular old run. Looking forward to a Wedgie run on Thursday evening 🙂

P.S: the picture has nothing to do with running, but after having a kind of “annoying” day – I thought I’d share and hopefully lighten my mood and anyone else who isn’t have a terrific day!


Day 94: cross training… and TRX… @TricoCentre

Precor Elliptical at the Trico Centre - beauty! Today was technically a rest day, however, since I didn’t have a super successful training week last week, I decided that I should head over to the gym and give the new equipment a test run. All I that I really need to say is, AMAZING.

But you know me and my love for rambling. So here I go. I felt like I was transported to the future. EVERY piece of cardio equipment had it’s own TV! No more fighting with the old people for the remote. No more watching frickin’ soaps. No more watching the news, on repeat. There were so many treadmills and ellipticals – I felt like walking by each one with my arms out. Touching them to make sure they were real. And when I finally got to my machine I almost forgot I was exercising because I was staring at all the new stuff in awe.

I did make one suggestion and left it in the comment box. The cardio equipment is now facing a Studio and a gigantic wall (with a super weird paint job). My thoughts were that they should paint some inspirational quotes on the wall to compliment the new, fantastic equipment. Seriously. All you need are some good stencils and someone who isn’t afraid of heights, and without shaky hands. Heck, I’d even do it, if they went through with it.

Think about it: you’re having a particularly crappy day. The last thing you want to do is exercise. You do not want to be at the gym. But you sign up for your machine. Walk on over to it (without even looking around). Punch a few buttons. Start moving. But then you look up… and this is what you see:

Trico Centre Inspiration Wall








C’mon. Isn’t that brilliant? There is a ton of wall space. They could find motivational quotes from every which way. I know it would keep me motivated. They could even have a contest. Or do some research and get some local athletes up there. Maybe have some kids quotes? I was sort of thinking how the Markin MacPhail Centre has things laid out – I mean, they’ve got pictures of athletes but it would be much better (in my opinion) to have words. Or maybe a combination.

Anyway, okay, some times I over think things. Back to the workout. I did about 15 minutes on the elliptical and about 15 minutes or so of TRX. I don’t know how sore I’ll be tomorrow (I went pretty easy on myself). I did make a mental note to get together a really good TRX work out that I can do on my own. Have to do some research tonight!

Anyway, hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

Again, HUGE kudos to the Trico Centre for getting 45 beautiful new pieces of equipment in there – we’re lucky to have such a superb facility almost literally on our doorstep 🙂 Thank you! 


Day 93: A chilly 10km #run through Fish Creek Park

Cownation aka CORONATION street I was a little late leaving for my 10 km run this morning (surprise, surprise). The weather network said it was -15, but felt like -25, so I can’t say I was thrilled to get out there. I ended up in four layers on the top and my arms were still chilled! Scarf, gloves and hat were on pretty much the entire time (my fingertips are still cold!) I was super proud sporting my “COWNATION STREET” shirt that my folks got me from the store “Cows” (out of PEI) and of course, my Rick Hansen “difference maker” jacket 🙂 I definitely think the most important thing to remember while running in these conditions is to layer, layer, layer. Protect your face and any skin. I did end up having a bit of an ice cream head ache, but I’m not sure what I could to do lessen or eliminate that. I think it was just too cold!

The run was pretty great, I do have to admit. I was disappointed that my Wedgie couldn’t make it out, but having a personal best made up for it. After about 2km I had to pee like a racehorse, so I quickly shuffled into an Esso (thank you Esso person for letting me use the washroom without having to buy something!) Then I hit the trail again. The trail was pretty bare, but there were some snow covered icy spots to watch for – incredibly slippery! I met a few people out, but not many. One woman was walking her husky – they were both bundled which was funny to me. I didn’t meet any other runners; seemed like it was mostly folks out getting their dogs out for a quick jog. I have noticed that people don’t tend to pick up after their animals this time of year. I guess they think that if it freezes, it won’t make a mess. Gross, but funny… I ran by a frozen dog turd that looked like a giant chocolate chip. I would have taken a picture but there were some people around and I didn’t want to be “That” person.

Rick Hansen Difference Maker JacketMy legs felt really strong and so did my core. I think this whole #PushUpADay and #PlankADay is really helping me. It may also just be in my head too. I was incredibly happy with my time because the last time I ran a similar distance (in warmer weather) it was about the same. So despite feeling kind of sluggish in terms of speed, I didn’t do too badly. In Arizona I ran a 6:08 min/km pace in ideal conditions; when I ran 6 miles on the treadmill on completely consistent conditions I was around a 6:38 min/km; and the last time I ran a 10km my pace was 6:13 min/km. Today my pace was 6:09 min/km! I feel really close to getting my 10km down under 60 minutes, I just need to shave off two minutes!

My training schedule has me running seven miles next Sunday, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I almost think that I need to start building in increments of half-miles. Does anyone else out there have an opinion on this? There’s also less hill and speed training, which, believe it or not I will miss!

Tomorrow is TRX training @TricoCentre. I’m looking forward to it and checking out the new equipment over there!

Here are todays stats: IMG_6419

  • Distance: 10.02 km
  • Time: 1:01:43
  • Pace: 6:09
  • Best Pace: 4:34

Day 89: Five mile #run in the bitter cold and an awesome first day at #WSHC

One foot in front of the other. Repeat.

IMG_6322Today was a very busy day! I was up early to meet Wedgie for a five mile run at Fish Creek Park. We arrived shortly after 9:30 and started the run. I think the temperature was around -16 – it was cold! The run wasn’t too bad at all, we kept it pretty flat (no hills). It was definitely slippery in areas but we maintained a very consistent pace throughout. We were both commenting that it would be grand to get those toques that have the pony-tail hole at the back – does anyone know what I’m talking about? And, where to get one? I always stuff my hair under my fleece KO hat because I love it and it’s not itchy at all, but a special hat for people with long hair would be awesome too. My legs were definitely cold, but not sore and even this evening after being on my feet all day they aren’t too bad (hopefully not jinxing myself for tomorrow). When we finished and took our post-run photo any hair that was showing, that had even the slightest amount of sweat was an icicle! We also saw a deer, but I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera out and snap a photo. I’m not minding the winter weather running as much as I thought, but I am finding that it takes a while to shake it afterward (I was cold most of the day). Anyone out there have any tips/tricks to get rid of the cold chill post-run? I do dress in layers, but I think it’s a combination of sweating and having to drive home after being out in the cold for almost an hour.

I also completed my #PushUpADay (five) and #PlankADay. (Thank you Runninbear for reminding me!) Sadly, I haven’t even looked at the training schedule tonight because all I want to do is go to bed!

I quickly want to tell you about my awesome day as a volunteer at the 2012 World Sledge Hockey Challenge today. I know it’s not running related, but it was terrific! I have met some really great folks from all over the city. I have seen some familiar faces and think how amazing it is that some of us have been volunteering at many of the same events, though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because it’s loads of fun. And it goes without saying that I truly enjoyed my very first LIVE sledge hockey games. Plus, Canada defeated Japan tonight 11-0!! Honestly, the whole time I was watching I was just blown away by the level of fitness these men need in order to compete at the level they do. Their stamina and strength must be out of this world. My arms and core just ached thinking of what a few minutes of just trying out Sledge Hockey would do to me (but I will try some day, it’s on the bucket list already!)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

Here are todays stats:dec2run

  • Distance: 8.01
  • Time: 51:25
  • Pace: 6:25
  • Best Pace: 5:02



Remembrance Day – 11-11-2012

I realize that this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people, so I know I risk offending people by posting but I will anyway.

I don’t get the whole Christmas bit before Remembrance Day. And before you snap and say, “Doesn’t she get the meaning of Christmas?” Yes. I do. I understand the true meaning behind Christmas. The one where people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And if you don’t believe in him but celebrate any way that’s okay; I believe it’s a personal decision. But I do find it really annoying that retailers push up their displays and push for sales earlier and earlier each year. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this year I feel like it’s the case more than ever. Retailers seem to be so focused on getting Christmas started that they forget we have another date to celebrate beforehand: Remembrance Day. I’m not trying to be all “Bah! Humbug!” about it, but I think we owe it to the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms, to respect this day reserved for them. And besides, there’s loads of time after November 11 to buy presents and support retailers.

Below is a post I found written in 2007, while reading other blogs about the topic. I thought it hit the nail on the head.

Before Christmas There’s Remembrance Day

So don’t start putting on Christmas decorations right after Halloween.

I walked into a Shoppers Drug Mart tonight and found it festooned with Christmas decorations. I felt all the golds and reds and greens diminished the blood red of my poppy.

I said to the teller, “I realize it is a corporate decision, but I think you should hold off on Christmas until after Remembrance Day.” She expressed equal dismay at the display. I went home, found the shoppers website and sent them the email below.

It is 6 days before Remembrance Day. I will spend those days teaching my students the meaning of sacrifice, honour and grace.

You will be making a buck.

WW1 66000 dead for you,

WW2 45000 dead for you,

Korea 516 dead for you,

Peacekeeping 119 dead for you,

Afghanistan 71 158 dead for you.

Could you not grant us the dignity of holding off on your Christmas Decorations until Nov. 12?

Those 71 158 men will not be shopping this year.

I don’t want to punish them. I’m just disappointed. I’ve never taken such action before, but I’m sharing this with everyone on my list. Perhaps it could become a movement.