Day 78: 2 miles slow and missing @Cape_Breton

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

For the next part of half marathon training, my schedule has long runs slated for Saturdays. Try as I may, I can never run long distances on Saturdays, I don’t know why (mental, I’m guessing). Anyhow, after having kind of a “blah” day, it was all I could do to reverse my Saturday and Sunday runs (which I believe I’ll do permanently). So instead of running four miles tonight, I ran two. And I don’t regret it. At all. I should also mention that it was getting late in the day and I still didn’t want to peel my behind off the couch (we were watching movies) and I got a motivating tweet from one of my online running buddies:

THANK YOU! I needed that push – I honestly thought to myself, I’d rather be running than planking . . . sucker! đŸ™‚

I started out really slow. My quads are still very tight (but thank you Runninbear a.k.a Clair for sending me the stretch video – it helps!) It took me almost half the run to get really warmed up. Once I got going I just cruised around the neighbourhood checking things out. My legs felt incredibly heavy and although I pumped my arms harder, there was no way I was going any faster. I gave in and just ran at a comfortable pace for the duration. It was slippery, but the temperature was above zero – which was delightful!

During my run I noticed that there are about half a dozen homes already lit up with Christmas lights! I had to laugh because it reminded me of walking/running through the neighbourhood this time last year and seeing a house that could only be described as the Griswold’s Part II. The lights were EVERYWHERE! I did manage to snap a picture of it, but now I can’t find it. There are no words to truly describe it.

It also reminded me of Christmas’s at home. When I was growing up, my parents were pretty traditional with the lights: some in the windows, on some trees and one Frosty the Snowman hanging out by the deck. Does anyone (other than my siblings + parents) know what I’m talking about? I would go as far to say that this particular Christmas decoration is vintage. I also want you to note that if you scroll across the photo it says “Frosty Misses You” – this is how my parents saved the photo and sent it to me last year. Notice there is also no snow on the ground? As you can see, Frosty is so old that his colour is faded. The poor thing is just hanging on by the red of his hat. Which is why several years ago, we told our dad to get rid of it or we (the kids) would. Of course, he didn’t so we tied Frosty over the side of the deck so that when our dad got home it looked like Frosty was trying to off himself. But, Frosty still lives today and I expect I’ll be getting photos shortly to prove it!

The whole point of my rambling, is that this time of year is one of my favourite times to run. Yep. It’s cold out. Yep. It’s slippery. Uh huh. It’s hard to breath. Yes. People think you’re crazy. But you there’s no way around it. You cannot beat Christmas lights and spirit. When I still spent Christmas’s in Cape Breton, I would do my usual evening running and it went by that much faster by checking out all the lights and beautifully decorated homes – I miss it. So, the next few weeks I’m going to start reporting back on all the fantastic stuff I see. And if anyone out there wants to submit photos – get at ‘er!

Here are tonights stats: 

  • Distance: 3:23
  • Time: 20:14
  • Pace: 6:17
  • Best Pace: 5:34


Day 56: a bitter-sweet bay run!

Today was a very bitter-sweet run. I did one of my favorite routes (which I’ve completed a few times since arriving in Cape Breton) – the Baddeck Bay Road.

It was a terrific run, with pretty much perfect temperatures. There was hardly any wind and my legs felt great. I had a faster pace today than I have had lately for my 3 mile runs. I also felt like I could go longer (if I had to). The sad part is that it was my last run here for a while (three weeks goes by too fast). But we loved it while we were here!! And so now it’s back to Alberta to brave the weather there. Thanks to my parents who babysat so I could enjoy some training time on my own and to the folks who joined me for runs here in CB both in the flesh and spirit đŸ™‚ your support is incredible and I’m so grateful for it.

Here are todays stats:


Day 52: Fricking rain/hail/snow – I’d expect this from YYC but Cape Breton?!

Well today was a short one – thank goodness for that! I only had to do 3 miles. Ordinarily this would be no big deal, but you see, we had nasty weather today. It rained, hailed and snowed- lovely right? Of course- I was making fun of Calgary when they got snow but now who’s laughing??

The run was alright. With the wet weather the pavement was very dark and the sidewalks are atrocious. Did a slight roll of the ankle but not before I dropped my eye phone (barely missing a puddle).

Other than that, it was a fairly quiet run (sort of boring). I guess the short distance is to get me ready for a long run again tomorrow (give me strength!!)
Hoping for some nice weather!

Here are todays stats:




Couch to 5k…in cold rain (felt like snow)

Today is technically a rest day, but my sister asked me if I would come with her as she started her “Couch to 5k” training. Without looking out the window, I agreed. Mistake #1. I wore shorts. Mistake #2. And I didn’t wear a hat. Mistake #3.

When I tried to start running again about a year or so ago, I did the Personal Running Trainer 5k sessions (the same as my sister). It really eases you into running again and helps build your endurance in a manageable and safe way. So I wholeheartedly recommend it if you want to (1) you have never run a day in your life or (2) you are trying to get back into running again after a bit of a break (like say, having a baby or something!)

I thought we did really well out there. It was frigging miserable and she powered through it like a boss! We ended up having to do part of it on the highway (horrible day for it)… And could taste pavement on the water that hit us as they drove by- yuck! We did a five minute warm up then 1 minute running, 2 minutes walking x 10.

Anyway – now I’m going to seriously take the rest of the day off. Maybe squeeze in some yoga. We’ll see!



Day 44: 4 miles with a little wind, puddles and no fun!

Today was just a 4 mile run, but I hated every minute! It’s funny, some days are great and others aren’t but I guess you can’t have good runs every day.

I still can’t get over the humidity here. I completely forgot what it was like to run through it (it’s so dry in Calgary.) But I would still take running here in Nova Scotia over running in Alberta (mostly because you can’t compete with the scenery and it’s easier.) However, the shoulders are pretty narrow, so thanks to folks who pass by taking a wide berth. I ran a few hills today, but pretty much kept to flats for the most part. My legs felt good, no pains anywhere but man, it was not a fun run! I would like to blame it on not getting a lot of sleep or not carbing/hydrating properly but I can’t. It just wasn’t a great run. I do think I need to freshen up my playlist though. I am getting a little tired of hearing the same musicians over and over again (so let me know if you have any suggestions!)

Other than that I made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt while running the other day. In my defence, it wasn’t raining that hard when I left and was led to believe it wouldn’t last very long, but that was a lie. Oh well. Today I wore a black long-sleeve shirt and it was too warm, so I’m not sure what the happy medium is.

Anyway, tomorrow is only a 3 mile run! YAHOO! But the catch is that I’m supposed to do it quickly – I guess we’ll see!





Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4.01 miles
  • Time: 40:21
  • Pace/km: 10:04 per mile
  • Best pace: 7:57 per mile

Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Here is another picture from Baddeck – a little cloudy, but still beautiful!