Day 18: 3 mile run through Glenmore Reservoir with stroller – YEAH BUDDY!

Today was a perfect morning for training. The temperature was around 12 degrees, the sun was shining and Felix and I had an awesome run through Glenmore Reservoir. We went the hilly way and survived (surprisingly.) I didn’t wake up thinking I wanted to do hills today (or any hill), but when we hit the trail I just felt like I could handle it (even with the stroller.)  I do believe that it was all due to my amazing mathematical skills. I worked out how far I needed to go so that when we turned around I would only have to do one really steep hill and get to finish at the top. It worked out perfectly.

That hill was a real bitch though (excuse the language.) I didn’t even want to look up because I was scared I’d lose steam so I just looked at the ground, pushed with one arm and prayed to God that if I passed out they’d find me before the bear did. Oh yes. There’s been a bear out on the reservoir. I truly hope I never see him (I do have bear spray, though I have no idea how to use it.) We made it to the top and I really wanted to do the Rocky move but thought the old fella I met up there would think I was a total nutcase, so I did it in my head. Todays run wasn’t fast but I really enjoyed it.

I continued “Project Morning” and said “Good morning” to everyone we met (some we met twice); I have to say, 99% of the folks we met today

were smiling and cheery. I talked to a few people along the way. One older man asked me if I planned to do the whole trail; I asked him if he was crazy. But did say “maybe some day!” There were lots of dogs and bikers; Felix loves seeing both. We snapped this picture of the pond as we were nearing the turnaround point. Yes, for my Nova Scotia friends, this is exciting for us here in Alberta. Water. It actually looked really nice; despite a little voice in my head telling to keep checking to make sure there are no moose, cougars or bears around it. I don’t even know what I would do if I saw any of the three. Surprisingly, I am most scared of moose.

I have to say that the runs and recovery are getting easier, but I do know that in the coming weeks my mileage will go up quite a bit. I’m also dreading the hilly runs that are also coming up in training e.g.: 5 x 200 yards uphill. Ouch.

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4.81 km
  • Time: 32:07
  • Pace/km: 6:41
  • Best pace: 6:05

Anyway, as you can see the time wasn’t the best, but I’m not a bit sore and had a great run – it’s all about the journey, right? Here’s a picture of me and Felix after we finished. YAHOO! Big Smiles all around.:)

Day 6: my first 3 mile tempo run

Today was day 6 – a 3 mile tempo run. I went out on my own and ran at Glenmore Reservoir. It’s a beautiful day out there; the suns shining and there’s a really nice breeze. The trail was packed with runners, walkers, bikers and roller bladers. Saw lots of dogs (one weird looking one) and a squirrel greedily running away from other squirrels with a full corn on the cob. Kids were having their sailing lessons at the club and the park was packed with kids already playing!

Despite having an awesome run today, I have lots of these days too! ->

Thanks to Runkeeper (awesome app) + a friends advice to track it, I have an accurate time – YAHOO! I completed the run in 29:11; with a pace of 6:05 min/km, not my best, but certainly not too bad and I’m happy with it. I’d love to get my pace down to 6 minutes, or less if possible but it will take some time. I did enjoy the tempo run; it was interesting to focus on breathing and adjust everything – I had never been that aware before and can certainly see how it would benefit a runner.

So needless to say, I really enjoyed the run today. It was nice not pushing a stroller and despite not being an evening run, I found it fairly peaceful. However, at one point I was in competition with a woman who didn’t want me to pass her. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but then my coach came on over music to tell me my pace had changed by 10-15 seconds, meaning that I was trying to pass her, but had to keep speeding up. Why do people do that? First of all, I gladly move to the side if I know someone is behind me and wants to get by; secondly, it wasn’t a race. It was so awkward! I knew she meant serious business though, because she was wearing one of those running belts. At any rate, I awkwardly passed by.

I’ve been keeping up with the pre and post-run stretching – definitely helping me but my left shoulder is killing me; not sure what type of stretch is going to help it – anyone have any ideas? My legs feel pretty good and not as sore as I thought they would be after this first week of training; one more 3 mile run tomorrow and I’ll have successfully completed week 1 – YAHOO!

Now…off to enjoy the sunshine. Keep the feedback coming – love hearing from everyone!