SOCKS: they can make or break your run

The foot is among one of the heavier producers of sweat in the body and can produce almost 0.5 L of sweat a day (gross.) It’s important to wear the right kind of sock when exercising to protect your foot from the elements and chafing. There are all kinds: dress, knee, wool, cotton, ankle, toe and the list goes on. But how do you know which ones are the best for runners?

Running socks (like any socks) come in lots of styles, sizes, textures and thicknesses. It’s recommended that you stay away from 100% cotton socks. Why? cotton socks don’t breath and they also absorb everything. So if you’re a sweater or like myself, manage to find and run through every puddle, you’re going to have wet feet! This is a nightmare for a long run because your feet will become cold, wet and potentially more susceptible to blisters.

My favourite pair of running socks were from Sportchek  – I remember when I bought them because they were almost $20 a pair and the sales associate said that “old men on the golf course wear these, but they’re the best.” I mean, he was right. If people are potentially walking 18 holes of a golf course a couple times a week, the socks could definitely last a season or so of running. And they did. These puppies lasted almost three years. Now, I didn’t use them every day but I bet I wore them three times a week. I am sad I don’t remember the brand, but they were great. Maybe someone out there knows the socks I’m talking about? They weren’t heavily branded, I don’t even think they had any design on them; if so it was discreet.

My second favourite pair of socks are the good ol’ Nike Dynamic Arch. These socks have great support and a handy “R” and “L” on each to denote which foot your put on for support. There is cushion & support, but they’re not too heavy. I enjoy running in them and I’ve been pretty hard on them – they’re almost three years old!

I think it’s important to wear socks that you’re comfortable in, but most importantly, that protect your feet and ankles. I’ve had some poor luck leading up to the purchase of my running socks. I just used any old socks and would get horrible blisters – even to the point of torn ankles. So, even though $12-20 seems like a lot to pay for one pair of socks, it’s definitely worth the investment!

 Can you imagine sporting these puppies at your next race?

Dating from 300-500AD, these are the earliest known surviving pair of cloth sock that were excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. The split toes were designed for use with sandals. I know a few people who would blame their love for wearing socks and sandals on these. What do you think?
What are your favourite socks?

Holy tights, Batman!

Okay – so I’m in desperate need of running tights. Today, I worked out that my absolute favourite pair of running tights (Puma) are ten freaking years old! TEN!!!! They still have a few more runs left in them (I think) but I have concerns that they’re slowly becoming transparent! As many of you know, it’s really hard to find comfy clothes to run in; ones that are both practical and look great. I’ve spent my fair share of hard-earned dollars on crappy running gear that falls apart after a few runs, so I’m okay to spend a little extra but don’t want to break the bank. I’ve looked at Lululemon, Winners and Sportchek – but haven’t seen anything that compels me to purchase. Also, I recently learned that the coveted Lulu pants aren’t that fantastic as they pill – does anyone have any suggestions? I literally googled “best running tights” and it came back with a list from Amazon; of the top ten, nine were CW-X. I’ve never heard of this company before? Mind you, I never really looked that hard for tights either.

I absolutely DREAD trying clothes on, so you can imagine how I feel about trying tights on. For anyone who knows me, they’re aware of the fact that I generally buy clothes, try them on at home and return if they don’t fit. I HATE trying anything on at the store – I find it really awkward. So my hope is to get some feedback, buzz into a store, pick up what I need and leave or just order online.

Here is my tall order of must haves for running tights:

  • Comfortable (obviously)
  • Economical (less than $100)
  • Stylish
  • Flattering
  • Durable
  • NO special washing instructions. Cripes- the last thing I want to do after a run is hand-wash my clothes!

So if anyone out there has some recommendations on their fave tights, I’d REALLY appreciate the feedback!