One year later…

If you’re going through hell, keep going. 

This year proved to have a few bumps and challenges, here is an update from a previous Facebook post.

July 24, 2017

This morning I woke up thinking that I was close to my “one year anniversary” with Roni Davis – Fitness and Nutrition, so I checked. Literally, today, is exactly one year from the day I first emailed her to see if she had any room for me. 😜

My original goal with training wasn’t to be thin and the number on the scale wasn’t my focus. I wanted to be strong. Really strong. And it’s fitting that we ran a Spartan Race yesterday. It was finally a chance to see if there was any improvement. And there was. Yesterday, not only did I conquer several obstacles that have left me paralyzed with fear in previous years, but I lifted some of the men’s weights instead of the “women’s”. To say my experience yesterday was “super” doesn’t even come close. 

This year was not easy an easy one. Far from it. Early mornings, illness, soreness – but it was great. I’m a glutton for punishment and I made it my mission not to make any excuses. (Roni held me to it!)

I’m proud of where I am today and I wouldn’t have gotten here without the help of others.

Roni – thanks for a year of laughs, tears, squats… the way you show people how important it is to love their bodies and change mindsets makes all the difference. You’ve gotten me through many ups and downs… (both figuratively and literally.) 🙏❤️

Kristi – my running/training partner – thanks for being a good friend I could count on. When I needed support and encouragement you were there to pull me along. You were so good to meet at times & places that were easy for me to commit to – I appreciate our friendship so much! ❤️🔥

Pat, Felix, Tessa – for making sure I was eating properly & keeping me honest. 🖤🖤

And of course the crew at Trico Centre for Family Wellness who create a safe place for their guests to work out. And I say “safe” because even from
day one, I never felt out-of-place or awkward. The fitness monitors are second-to-none; they showed me how to lift properly and answered my questions (there were/are usually lots….) 🙏🙏🙏🙏

The funny part of all of it is that I took my first pictures last August 1 and felt sick about where I had let myself go. I was ashamed. Embarrassed. And wasn’t entirely sure I’d have to do any revealing after a year (I wasn’t super confident I’d stick with it….) but here we are.

No diets. (I literally ate pizza and chips at least once a week. Plus I drank.) No pills. No magic shakes or teas. Just the overwhelming weight of not wanting to let Roni (or myself) down… 😉

Below are my results so far. I’m happy to keep going!

Runners Rut: I’ve been cheating.

trico-centre-sumo-deadliftsMarathon training did not go as planned.

Despite acquiring a shiny new plan from Eastern Shore Training, I found myself in a rut. It wasn’t that I didn’t see results or that I wasn’t getting faster (I took an entire minute off my pace!) but I just wasn’t motivated. Let me tell you, this is an awful feeling when you have a goal like a marathon.

About two months after I started the running program with EST, I decided I needed to get back into strength training. I thought it would help to boost my motivation (and confidence.) So, I solicited the help of Roni Davis, former NPC Figure Champion and award winning personal trainer. I love Roni’s style – she doesn’t bullshit, doesn’t accept excuses but she’s also realistic and understands the demands of a busy life. Because 5000km separates us, Roni put together a virtual training plan for me. Truth-be-told, I was intimidated by the first month of workouts. I hadn’t been to the Trico Centre in months and all-of-a-sudden, I had to use machines that seemed pretty darn scary.

The very first morning I got to the gym, I had no idea what the hell I was doing so I enlisted the help of Tyra, the fitness monitor. She took time to show me exactly what I needed to do on each machine and how to do it safely but within the program designed by Roni. Slowly, my confidence grew. The quad muscles that had dust on them started to appear again, my running got stronger and my muscles ached a little less.

So how does it work?

Each month, I get a new plan. There’s really only one thing I can be sure of and that’s that there will be a ton of squats. Other than that, I have found a love for strength training & weight lifting that I didn’t know I had.

I kind of feel like I’m cheating on running. But I believe I need this break to remember why I loved to run in the first place. And even though I’m not following a strict training plan right now, I still get out 3x a week for an easy run, long run & hills. The rest of the week is devoted to weights. Today someone asked me if I notice a difference in my body since I started training with Roni. There are subtle hints here and there, but I’d say the biggest difference is in my confidence. I love how strong I feel!

Right now, marathon training is on the back burner. But if you’re interested in hearing tales from a #fatgirllifting, follow along!