I run more consistently than I blog


Run hard when it’s hard to run.


Rest assured that we’re very much on track with training, despite the fact that I’ve not updated in a while.

In five weeks, I’ve worked to take nearly one minute off of my time per kilometre. Having a fast time doesn’t mean a lot to me, but getting stronger means everything. There were lots of days when I was questioning myself, but in the last week or so when I had the chance to look at my stats I was so elated. As you probably know, sometimes it can be hard to get motivated and get out the door but seeing even the slightest improvement is enough for me to keep going.

Our latest run took us down by the river. The weather has been phenomenal in Calgary – above average temperatures (I’ve been running in a t-shirt!) We are doing 6 minute run, 1 minute walk. Our runs are in the 6:15-6:25/km range, so I’m super pleased with that. My left knee is still tender, so I’ve had to spend extra time stretching; hoping that with a little more care it will heal.

I have to send out a mega, mega thank you to my running partner/friend, Kristi. She has been a huge support to me – meeting me ‘wherever’ in the city and flexible on time. Very grateful for her help with my training.

This week there is a jump in mileage. Excited & scared. Looking forward to getting back up to the longer runs. But the road ahead is LONG. 🙂


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