MarTrain Day 6: running with the middle child

Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.

Calgary Marathon TrainingOh. My. Goodness.

It is frigging treacherous out there tonight! I did not realize just how poorly lit the sidewalks were in our ‘hood until I took life into my own hands and tried running on the melted snow/black ice.

Did I mention I had our middle child running with me? Did I mention our middle child is a very energetic fur baby? Yep. We’ve got a middle child & his name is Sir Bentley Noodle. Poor Bentley has had it rough the last few weeks since Tessa came home (he’s been a little bit left out.) Bentley has been my running partner pretty much since we got him in May of 2014. To backtrack a bit, this is how the adoption went for those of you just tuning in:

Sir Bentley NoodleIn the past few years I would make mention of getting a dog to my husband, like: “we should really get a dog,” and “you know what, it would be great to have a family dog,” or “wouldn’t it be nice to rescue a dog?” He didn’t make any moves, so one day I visited the ARF website to check things out and there was Bentley (we added the ‘Sir’ and ‘Noodle’ on our own.) Without a moments hesitation I picked up the phone & set up a ‘meeting.’ And I basically went through the adoption process right then and there over the phone. After that was done I called my husband to give him the news. At first he was kind of annoyed with me (I have this annoying habit of just doing things without him), but then when he saw Bentley online & read his profile, he had the same feeling I did. When we met Bentley, we knew he would be part of our family. Our son was still kind of little and said he wanted to name the dog Noodle. And after a member of the family said he looked stoic, we decided to add the ‘Sir’ to the beginning and he became Sir Bentley Noodle and a member of the O’Mac Clan. He’s truly an amazing dog. He’s gentle but protective; curious & loyal. He’s been a fabulous addition to our family and I love having his company.

Family Pic With BentleySo tonight I thought it would be a swell idea to take him out. To be honest, the sidewalk was not big enough for the two of us and it was terrifying. Do you know how difficult it is to navigate a pitch black sidewalk, essentially covered in a layer of black ice with a dash of snow whilst trying to control a dog built like a brick shit house? It was anything but graceful.

So needless to say, the run this evening was a bit of a slow one but it was enjoyable for the most part. Sir Bentley is actually better at running than he is at walking. I decided to do intervals of 4 minutes steady and 1 minute of walking. We repeated this for just under 45 minutes. It was a nice length of time to get out, enjoy the weather and clear my head. The temperature was perfect, just above zero which is a far cry from the temperatures on the weekend (however, it looks like we’ll be dipping back down again! to -20!)  And as I write this, Bentley is sleeping in the doorway of my office, very content with his effort and our run this evening.

Tomorrow is another easy run and Felix plans to join me again. Stay tuned for our update 😉

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