MarTrain Day 5: running with Felix

“Come on mom, we can do it!”

“Let’s win this as a team!”

“Don’t give up, we’re going to cross the line together!”

“Go, mom! Cross that line!”

calgary marathon training My son is almost five. Since he was just a baby, he has been running with me. Tonight, we ran a 2.46 km run together. Not me pushing him in a stroller. We ran side-by-side. I could not be more proud of this kid. I have never had to nag him to get out and run, he has always wanted to come with me; begging when he sees me lacing up my sneakers.

I’m not sure that tonights run would really qualify as a training run, as it was a gentle/slow one for me. But since his legs are about half the size of mine, he had to really push himself hard to keep up. He treated it as a race. We did close to three laps around our neighbourhood and he pushed himself, pretending that we were in a race (the prize was gum!) Literally, I am sitting here bursting with pride for him. We’ve been home for 15 minutes and he told me he had to stretch things out, get his water to “recharge” and that his legs were feeling pretty good for our next run.

Tonight while we were running, Felix was like a little coach. The entire time we were out there, he talked. Not only talked, he pep-talked. He was so positive and just wanted to make sure that I was having as good a time as he was. It was awesome. Did I mention he has asthma? Yes. He has asthma. And while I know that running alone is a challenge, he was also running in cool Alberta weather and was still upbeat. Loving life out on the open road. This kid is something else! Even now, he keeps walking into my office to check and see how I’m doing and if I am ready to run again. I love his energy. I love how motivated he is. And I love that he loves the same sport I do. I know it won’t be long and he will be whizzing by me and leaving me in his dust, but for now I’m going to enjoy these runs we have together – they’re good for the heart & soul.

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