Martrain Day 4: frozen hair, I don’t care!

Blisters heal, muscles recover, sweat washes away but sole sisters last a lifetime.

why do i live somewhere that hurts my faceToday was Day 4 of marathon training and boy, it was a cold one! I was very grateful to have my running pal, Kristi come out with me. During the winter months, it can be more challenging to get motivated and get out for a run. Lucky for me, I have a few really supportive running friends who are willing to brace the elements. Aside from the great conversation, it’s always nice to have someone there who can push you when you need to be pushed, but also pull back when you need to catch your breath.

Today we completed a 3 mile run at the Glenmore Reservoir. We started out pretty quick, or at leamarathon training in calgary st quick for me at around 6 min/km but at the halfway mark we slowed it down as it had become harder to breathe (literally, my nose was frozen!) It was also a little slippery underfoot but we managed not to have any falls. The wind of the reservoir was chilly and it was nice to get back to a warm car.

Tomorrow is a cross training day and I’m looking forward to it!

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