Running gets more interesting as more time passes

“It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.”

This last week wasn’t too bad. I had some really great morning and lunch runs which I was tremendously thankful for. As time goes on it certainly feels like it takes me a wee bit longer to recover from runs, especially those that have me out longer than an hour. What I somewhat interesting is that my pace seems to be improving, so I don’t know if that’s because I’m becoming more comfortable and know when to dig in, or if this is just the calm before the storm! Either way, I’m happy to be out running and I’ll keep going as long as I can.

Glenmore Reservoir- pregnant running- multiple miles for myeloma calgaryThis weekend I also got to knock another race off my ‘To Do” list. I ran the 5km for ‘Multiple Miles for Myeloma.’ Overall, this was a pretty well organized race at the Glenmore Reservoir; they had to change the course last minute to accommodate the Regatta (yes, in landlocked Alberta they have regattas – who knew?) Anyway, the change in course made for some interesting twists in the race. For one, the marshals did not turn around all of us 5km racers and we ended up doing more distance, in fact, we ended up doing a big hill that most hadn’t expected. I wasn’t too miffed about it because I’ve run that hill a million times and I knew I would only have a very short amount of time before I’d be done, but this made the finish line interesting.

It felt like the Boston Marathon. The finish line marshals took their job ‘real serious.’ I was stopped several times on the way in (by marshals) telling me to continue onto the other course (at this point I had already run over 5km) so I stopped and explained what happened to the marshal… he let me go… then I got stopped again by another marshal who again tried to reroute me (this would have been the original course had I turned around where I was suppose to…) but again, I explained and showed them my RunKeeper so they could see that ‘yes indeed, I had run that distance’ — finally, I just said, I’m finished. I am not running anymore. I crossed the line. The reality: this is not a serious run, I didn’t truly care too much about my time. So obviously my finish was funny and so I chatted with people from the timing company to explain what had happened and had a laugh. Then I spoke to the organizer just to let her know what happened (truth-be-told, one of the marshals was pointing at me, so I felt like I probably had to defend myself, after all to them I looked like I just quit the race with a few km to go.)

When it was all said and done, just shy of six months pregnant, my official time was 39 minutes — so not bad considering I did more than the distance we were supposed to do. And I finished 80/272 overall – so I’ll take that!

Finally, to close the weekend I headed out to the reservoir again for an 8km run. The weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze. And despite the fact that I thought it would be a brutal run (my pelvis is sore from yesterday) it ended up being pretty good! Glad for a ‘rest’ day tomorrow and back at it again Tuesday.

Now the next race is a night race that I’m really looking forward to – I LOVE running at night!

Happy Trails!

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