Back to the grind!

“It’s supposed to be hard, hard is what makes it great.”

Today I did a 6km at Fish Creek Park. I waited until a little later in the morning and it was a bit warmer than I like, so I won’t be doing that again. Overall, the run was pretty good. My legs aren’t sore despite the Spartan a week ago Saturday and the obstacle course on Wednesday… oh and wearing cowboy boots most of yesterday (YAHOO, Calgary running-for-two-selfie-calgary-pregnant-runnerStampede Parade!) My feet were a tad swollen, but the weather has been hot here and I really don’t feel like it’s pregnancy related… yet!

fish creek park calgary alberta running for two pregnant runner calgaryThrough my run I realized that I need to freshen up my playlist – if you have recommendations send them my way! Most days I don’t listen to anything, but recently I’ve had music on to keep my mind occupied so I don’t focus on the need to get to the washroom. It works sometimes.

I have to admit that I am having anxiety about the run I have scheduled for July 25. Right now my my joints seem to be more loose (which is common in pregnancy apparently, but not necessarily a good thing!) This is causing my left knee to move around like never before (kind of like having someone kick you in the back of the leg without you knowing… remember that from high school?) It is such a weird sensation and not really a pleasant one so I am taking it easy and not pushing myself too hard (which is a struggle!)

pregnant-runner-calgary-alberta-running-for-two-fish-creek-parkThe good thing about Fish Creek is that you can choose the trails you want to use – I was on the grass/gravel and stayed on the flat side, this felt good on the legs to get them warmed up for my 10k tomorrow.

Oh – you know what I did? I downloaded the ‘Airhorn App’ because I’ve noticed that Fish Creek Park is legit the only trail in town whereby very few cyclists/bikers use their bell to warn you. Therefore, today, when bikers went by without warning to their surprise I used the Airhorn. It was funny. But seriously. It is really annoying to have someone come up from behind, really fast and without warning.. not-to-mention it’s dangerous! FYI: using your horn while on a bike to warn pedestrians isn’t just a courtesy, it’s actually a law in Alberta…

In other news, some of my FitBit friends have reached out and were worried about my steps dropping off (I love you guys) so to clarify –> I did not wear my fitbit for a couple of races because I was worried it would get ruined, I’ve also been in the habit of taking it off lately (because it’s so warm) and I forget to put it back on. Because of your concern I promise to keep it on, even though it is uncomfortable right now.

Lastly, I got new asics and today was my first real run in them. I like them but I really need sneakers with a  wide toe box. Why don’t companies make sneakers for people with wide feet? There has got to be a lot of us out there?!

Hope everyone is well out there! I see lots of Mud Run and Spartan posts – way to go friends!!!

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