Getting ready for @SpartanRaceCanada in Edmonton

“Run by my side; live in my heartbeat;
give strength to my steps.
As the cold surrounds, as the wind pushes me,
I know you surround me.
As the sun warms me, as the rain cleanses me,
I know you are touching me, challenging me, loving me.
And so I give you this run.
Thank you for matching my stride.

bridge-collapse-fish-creek-park-2013-alberta-flood-pregnant-runnerToday I woke up not really feeling like I wanted to run, which sucks, because I knew I had a 10k to do. Which, if it were at any other time I probably would have skipped it (I’m pregnant and therefore, allowed to make excuses.)

But next weekend is the Spartan Race and I’m not feeling overly ready for it.

For one: my pace is much slower than it has ever been (which is not just due to pregnancy but because I am just old… and slow…)

For two: I haven’t been doing a ton of upper body lifting. But I did start incorporating burpees into my day and let me just tell you that if you thought they hurt when you’re not pregnant, they hurt a LOT more when you are. Burpees are awful at the best of times and this only confirms why you need a damn good sports bra if you’re going to do any number of them!

But at any rate, I got up about 6am, ate breakfast, watched ‘my shows’ and then headed out for Fish Creek for a 10k trail run.

pregnant-running-in-fish-creek-park-alberta-pregnant-runnerI got to the park and decided I wanted to test out the old path I used to do half training on (much of it had been washed away by the 2013 flood.) It was very nostalgic as I could remember the many miles I put on during training and how that June (just a few weeks before my very first half-marathon race) it was all washed away in a matter of hours. It was somewhat ironic as we’re also getting so close to the anniversary of the flooding in Calgary.

The path itself was awesome. I forgot how much I loved that trail. I started out very easy and before I could get my shit together I ended up eating a mouthful of bugs (which is an ongoing joke with one of my other runner friends.) It was pretty horrendous. I should never have laughed at her for having to go through the same ordeal, only at the reservoir. I can only imagine that I was the picture of sophistication as I spit them out. So gross.

Anyway… There was lots of shade on the trail and it’s mostly flat, so I made it to my 5k turnaround point with no trouble at all and felt great. Some other notable things along the way: people fishing (Note: what are they fishing there?) lots of bikers and other runners and walkers. Also, just after the 5.5k mark I saw three deer boot-it across the trail really fast. Like, they were moving. Real fast. As if being chased. For a minute I thought I might have been in some Discovery Channel documentary about deer being chased by prey, only for the prey to see the slow, pregnant lady and attack her instead. So naturally I panicked until I saw other people. [Note to self: stop watching reality shows like ‘I survived being attacked’] At any rate, the rest of the run was terrific. I felt really strong and it was apparently my 35th fastest 10k! (I’ve done a lot of 10ks so I feel like this was a win.)

So now I’m home and carb-loading with salt and vinegar chips. Life is good.

Happy Trails!

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