Week 4 & Week 5: it was warm, it was cold, it was icy.

winter its time for you to leaveNowhere in the world has bizarre winters like Calgary. Holy mackerel. Over the last two weeks temperatures have dipped as low as -22 to +12 (and forgive me if that’s wrong!) But there was almost always 100% chance of ice and slush.

The last two weeks I have taken a few extra rest days. A lot of it has to do with terrible scheduling on my part and the other part has to do with an awful blister I have on my ankle that I can’t seem to heal. At any rate, I have been taking it slowly and gradually building my mileage.

This morning I woke up and didn’t really think I’d have a great run, in fact I tweeted just that… “Long Run Sunday: don’t you hate it when you just know before a long run that it isn’t going to be a good one? #runnerprobs” But it wasn’t a bad run at all and today I did my first 10km in I don’t know how long – it felt awesome! The reservoir was absolutely freezing but it was nice that there was hardly any ice.

For the dog owners out there: don’t take this the wrong way but it would be dandy if you could haul in your dog when you meet other runners on the trail. I am sure your dogs are kind and gentle but to be honest, it’s absolutely terrifying to stare an alpha-male Rottweiler-German-Shephard-Boxer mix in the face as he is barreling toward me. Lil intimidating. Even the little dogs are annoying, almost even more annoying to be brutally honest.

At any rate, it felt terrific to finish today despite my phone dying before I finished! I ran the last 1.5km with no music and it was pretty peaceful.

Here’s my last two weeks of training (some days were good, some were bad… hanging in there!)

Jan 20: 11.2km Bike

Jan 21: 6.75km Run

Jan 22: REST

Jan 23: 3.0 km Walk (Cross train day)

Jan 24: 4.42m Run

Jan 25: REST

Jan 26: 8.03km Run

Jan 27: REST

Jan 28: 7.02 km run

Jan 29: REST

Jan 30: 3.39km Run

Jan 31: 6.47km Run

Feb 1: REST

Feb 2: 10km Run



THANK YOU to the lady who said “GOOD WORK!!” to me when I was only 4km in, but not really feeling my run today. I really need that encouragement – thanks!

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