Week 3: first #running blister out of the way…

winter its time for you to leaveThis week was pretty good for running – the temperatures have been super mild (thankfully) however, that means there is a lot of ice (because the temps drop below “0” at night)… therefore, I have been spending quite a bit of time on the dreadmill. I feel like it’s the “easy” way out, but my husband reassures me that it’s much better than breaking bones. He’s usually right.

Jan 13 – 20.56 km bike ride. As usual, didn’t particularly enjoy the bike but made it through. Was happy when it was finished. I have no idea how people stay on the bike for 1+ hours…I would need intravenous wine.

Jan 14- 5.61 km – I don’t remember this run but I’m sure it was good! I have been doing some speed work to make sure I can hit the 9:30 min/mile max we are allowed for the Cabot Trail Relay. I don’t know why I’m so slow this year, I blame Stephen Harper.

Jan 16 – This was a short run which I was eternally grateful for (only 2 miles)… and I completed it on the treadmill which wasn’t too bad. I then hopped off and matched it with a 2 mile bike ride, which wasn’t bad at all because it was quick.

Jan 18 – 5.6 km Run – this was the run for #MegsMiles. I was super disappointed when I got home and my tights are too worn out that I need to replace them – does anyone have recommendations for cropped tights? Must be flattering. Seriously.

Jan 19 – 8.07 km Run – ran Eau Claire this morning with one of the Alberta Energized teammates. Bless his heart as he slowed down for me, but it was still a pretty quick pace. The temperature was really enjoyable, there was only a little bit of ice and I got the first training blister out of the way (crappy running socks!)

That’s it for this week! Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there…!!!!

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