Day 4: Biking. My arch-nemesis.

Last night was a cross training night (which was welcome.)

Hopped on the precor elliptical type thing for about 10 minutes as I waited for a bike. I must say that it’s pretty cool to see everyone at the gym following through with their New Years resolutions, HOWEVER, it’s annoying when they don’t sign up for machines and then obnoxiously exceed time limits… and I mean…obnoxiously… how does a person not know that there would be a waiting list of people wanting to use the machine, in a facility with a limited number of a certain cardio equipment? At any rate, I finally managed to snag a bike and we were off to the races.

It wasn’t incredibly exciting, but it did reconfirm my “love-hate” relationship with biking. It is more of a “hate” relationship now, but I feel as though I’ll learn to love it in time. Maybe.

I completed just over 22km. I did my plank. And now I’m ready for a longer run tonight. Give me strength!

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!

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