Day 3: It’s not too cold to run, is it?

The answer would be an overwhelming, YES!

On Sunday Wedgie and I thought it would be a dandy idea to run the river down in Eau Claire – we were sadly mistaken.

Upon arrival, the dead giveaway that it wasn’t a bright idea should have been the fact that there was hardly another soul out there running (which, if you know Calgary, you know that this is an incredibly popular area for all outdoorsy people from runners to skateboarders.)

Nonetheless, we set out and starting running along the river. And in no time, our faces, legs and spirits froze a little. We did, however, get the “kudos” from another hardcore runner who (I assume) was somewhere in his 70’s (I feel like it’s okay to guess his age because he’s a guy and guys don’t care, but I totally wouldn’t have guessed his age if he was a she, does that make sense?) Anyway, we decided to head back downtown to run through the city streets because they offered some slight shelter. It was a dandy idea; we cruised through downtown Calgary and all was quiet – oh except for snow/ice falling off the tops of SKYSCRAPERS! Wow. Talk about scary. Fortunately we came out relatively unscathed. It was indeed a fun little run with Wedgie but I don’t know that I’ll be braving -30 temperatures for a run again any time soon….maybe… 🙂

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!


p.s: 5.52km at 6:24 min/km

2 thoughts on “Day 3: It’s not too cold to run, is it?

  1. Sounds like you’re “enjoying” the same arctic blast that we are. Kudos to you for your run — counts as double the mileage 🙂

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