Day 2: Moon Jogging…the quest continues…

Jan 3:

Well, I also got in my second day of Moon Jogging which was a total of 5km in just under 36 minutes. I felt like I was doing pretty good considering the nasty scrapes on my knee (which are still slightly swollen and tender.)

Running lately has been a bit of a struggle, not going to lie. There are many things going on in my world: namely a new job, long commute and a busy little boy. But I’m still managing to get out a few times a week and will continue to work hard at it until I reach my goals. For any folks out there who are busy, but really want to do this running thing – you can do it!

I have been falling behind in a big way trying to keep up with the blogs, but I will make a BIG effort to log as much as I can so I can hopefully help others with the challenges I’m facing (which is currently COLD temperatures!)

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!


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