WOW! It’s been a while.


It has been a while. Thanks for being so patient! So much on the go. We moved. Got married. Started a new job. And sadly, I stopped training as hard as I should (still getting out 3x per week…but that’s not enough!)

Yes – I all but fell off the training trek. But never fear, I have a new goal (not just marathon) but the Cabot Trail Relay. I have mapped out my training from now until then and I have to say that I am getting excited to start again! This week will be relatively easy (hah!) with the snow and cool temperatures nothing is easy, but I am happy with the challenge. We have had a lot of snow and cool weather here in Alberta – dipping down to as low as -40. At any rate, I now have to figure out how to juggle it all, but I know it can be done!

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!

Countdown to Cabot Trail = T-164 days!!!!

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