Running Update!

This week was a good one!

mudhero red deerOn Monday I ran 6 km, on Tuesday I biked 16.8km, Thursday I ran 7km and today I participated in the #MUDHERO in Red Deer. What a fantastic race!

The course was set at the Canyon Ski Resort on the side of a ski hill. We essentially came down the hill through obstacles and back up through even more obstacles. We jumped over cars, scaled walls, crawled through mud and perhaps the most stressful for me, the crawl through the tunnel. Some of you may know my dislike of small spaces, being chased and heights. Well, the tunnel was so tiny and to get to it you needed to wade through mud and then there was water in the actual tunnel… you had to crawl through it using a rope. Terrifying. But I did it! There were some super fun parts too – like going down the slide right into the mud pool. It was so weird to get stuck in it and slowly move through it… the smell was horrendous! At any rate, my time was pretty awesome – 1:05:20. The average time to complete the course is 1:21:24… so even though I wasn’t too concerned with time given the fact that it was gruelling hauling myself up over walls, I was pretty damn happy! However, I have mud places one should not have mud…

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!


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