We did it! Thank you!

kat macaulay half marathonIt’s been a while since I have blogged, but I actually did keep up with training (just not so much keeping track of it!) We had major flooding here in southern Alberta so the last few weeks saw us trying to get things straightened out from that. We fortunately were not directly affected, but we’ve been volunteering all over the place to help others out.

In any event, we kicked off the Stampede with an awesome parade (here is my volunteer interview), I ran my first half marathon the Sunday July 7th in about two hours and twenty-four minutes. I was pleased with the time as my ankle really started killing me around the 15km mark. I had a fantastic 12km leading up (around 6 min per km) but then it started aching after a big hill. The weather was nice and I was happy to see a familiar face on the track (a friend and committee member) she ran a few metres with me and it was the encouragement I needed to keep going! I must say that I enjoyed the run overall. I do think it confirmed that I am probably not cut out for a marathon though? I may try a clinic in the fall, but still toying with the idea.

The final few km of the half were very emotional ones for me. I pinned a picture of my son onto my shirt to keep me going and a gal said “wow are you running for your son?!” and I burst into tears. This year has been a difficult one for many reasons, but to be on the final stretch of an incredible run was overwhelming. I was elated to cross the finish line and receive my bolo tie. I went home, ate junk food, had a beer to celebrate and headed right down to the Rodeo..followed by the Chuckwagons..followed by a concert with incredible friends. It was fabulous!

I took a good, long time off training this week and hit the bike on Thursday. I did about 20km. Took yesterday off because I organized a flood raiser, so that had my attention. And today I will hopefully get out for a nice 5km run. I am feeling ready to get back and do something else.

But I want to say thank you to everyone for your support on this journey to half-marathon! Your emails, texts, messages and tweets have been such a boost, your reassurance in my abilities have lifted me up and I’m so grateful to have these friendships – what a ride it’s been…

now the next goal is Mud Hero in August. Give me strength!


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