day 211, day 212, day 213: disappointment and biking

leaninagain, i have to keep this short because i am so behind and my list of “to dos” is pretty long!

on saturday i was set for a long run, i had actually planned for my 21km distance. however, after about 7km of insane ankle pain i had to throw in the towel. it was really disappointing for me, almost to the point of tears because i hate to quite, but i know that the smart thing to do is to give my ankle rest so i don’t cause any further injury. i have to tell you that the run itself was a total gong show. i got lost, it was hot and i ended up in the most enormous off-leash area i have ever seen. gong show.

anyway, the last few days i have been on the bike. sunday i biked 21.16km, yesterday i biked 35.2km and today i biked 20.46. tomorrow i will try to get my mileage up again on the bike. and depending how i feel, thursday i may try a short run. my ankle is feeling pretty good (knock on wood) but i don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

send me all your good ankle vibes, would ya?

hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!!

(T-19 days until the big HALF!!)

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