Day 207, Day 208, Day 209 and Day 210: running, ellipticals and biking – oh my!

leanini am going to keep this pretty short because my laptop is being a jerk and i have a huge list of “to do’s” to complete this weekend!

so on day 207 i ran 6.4 km and completed 1.6km on the elliptical. the run was alright – it was on the treadmill. on day 208 i completed 5.33 km of hills. my ankle started acting up again so i am blaming my hill training for that as it was a fairly steep one and i was pushing myself pretty hard. on thursday i was scheduled for another 4 mile run but i decided to give my ankle a rest and hopped on the bike. i completed 24.3km on the bike. i didn’t really enjoy it but i got it done anyway! friday was a rest day and today i was scheduled for a 20km run. i am sad to report that i had to stop after 7km because my ankle was so sore. as i type this, my legs are up on the coffee table on top of an ice pack. i have popped some advil and i’m just taking it easy. this week i likely won’t be running but i will be biking because i was told that that was okay to do. i hope that it’s nothing major and by the end of the week all will be well again…

in other news, my pal claire – aka runninbear had an awesome race today so i want to send her a HUGE congrats!!!!!! way to go my friend!!!!!

hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

p.s. only 20 sleeps until calgary stampede people!!!!!!!!!!

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