Day 204, Day 205 & Day 206: Hit 1000km mark!

sue and katLast Thursday Wedgie and I hit the hills in Springbank. I have to give her mad props because she had no idea that running hills was on the radar, as far as she knew we were just running the flat area. At any rate, it was beautiful out; the sun was shining, the temperature was warm and we finished the hills very strong.

kat on bridge Day 204 – 19.02km in 1:59:22 – I’m getting there folks! I finally got past the 18km mark and got myself to 19km on Saturday. Two unfortunate things happened: (1) I got lost and (2) I didn’t wear sunscreen. Put these two together and you get a sunburn and an uncomfortable call home to have someone come pick you up. I was also a bit panicked because my phone was ready to die and F & P were en route, but not totally sure where to get me. A man was kind enough to stop and make sure I was okay (I stopped and sat on the curb to wait.)

My pace wasn’t fast but given the fact that I’m no-natural runner I was pretty happy to finish and still feel pretty good. Next weekend I’m going to try for the distance. Hopefully I can get it done!

springbankDay 205 – 30 km in 78:33 – Yesterday I gave my legs a break. Today I decided to do some cross training and so I hit the bike. I completed 30km – a new personal best. I still hate biking, but I do think it has been beneficial. Before after long runs I’d be quite sore, but lately I’m not feeling too badly at all. I may even get some YOGA this evening if I’m not to sore from packing!

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