Day 202: National Running Day (so they say…)

“Life is a beautiful journey.” – M.W.

runforbostonIsn’t that just the truth? I have neglected twitter a bit over the last few days and for some reason, that still managed to pop up on my newsfeed. I believe it.

Today was allegedly national running day. Now, I don’t know if it’s a US thing, an Australia thing or a Canadian thing, but I decided that what better way to celebrate the day than doing some hill training?


“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” -Dean Karnazes

I think I’ve already mentioned that every time I have run since the Boston Marathon my thoughts always lead to the people who were affected by this years tragic events. I can’t honestly say I’ve hit the pavement without being so thankful for the ability to run (even if I am slow!) So today, I ran for Boston. Again.

Now, I wasn’t particularly feeling the hills today. But as stubborn as I am, I decided I would pick the 350m hill by Diamond Cove. What a prick that hill is. Actually, I felt good about myself because a cyclist whizzed by me at the bottom and when I hit the turnaround point, I passed him going up (he had dismounted at this point.) I was barely moving, but I was proud.

Anyway, I finished today doing an extra run up the hill. I know I could have pushed myself more but a deer scared the shit out of me and after some “animal” talk with runners/bikers last night, I decided to beat it home.

That’s it from this end. Don’t forget to sign up for our ALL-Alberta Cabot Trail Relay team –  so, so, so excited about this!!!!

Todays stats:


Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

p.s.: the new runkeeper gives splits and elevation. I am in love. Was just looking for this info on other runs today. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Day 202: National Running Day (so they say…)

  1. Wow! You passed a cyclist! What a fast runner you are! (it’s perfectly ok to ignore the “have you ever tried to walk uphill pushing a bike” factor)

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