Day 197, Day 198, Day 199 and Day 200! Holy Crap!

funny comic girl on treadmillOkay, I am seriously falling behind in my blogging and I apologize. It’s hard to juggle everything these days! But here is a super quick rundown of everything, with a few highlights.

Day 197:  Speed Training

I enjoyed speed training on the treadmill last Wednesday (not.) I completed 4.8 km in 30 minutes. I was really tired and quite honestly not “feeling” the treadmill. I was extremely happy when it was over.

Day 198:  9.61km on the treadmill

As much as I hated speed training, I didn’t mind my longer run on Thursday. I do believe this was for two reasons, (1) I didn’t wear the wrong shorts like I did the day before and (2) I ran a lot of it on a decline (LOL) sorry… it was the only thing that kept me motivated. I will say that I do tend to go much faster on a decline (for obvious reasons…) I completed that in 56:40.

Day 199:  18km through Fish Creek Park

What an incredible day! The run was a little bit tough as I jumped from 15’ish km to 18km but I did pretty well. I had to stop a few times to get a drink because it was somewhat warm out (not to bad though.) There were two hills that were incredibly hateful right in the middle of it. I think the run would have been better if I could have just started and run all the way downtown, but perhaps I’ll do that next week when I attempt 12.5 miles. I saw an Airedale Terrier when running, that was neat. Lots of bikers and runners out as well. Oh yeah, and I bought awesome new running sneakers that make ALL the difference in the world. And guess what, they aren’t ASICS! (they’re brookes…) Looking forward to next weeks long run.

Day 200:  16km on the bike

First of all, I can’t believe it’s been 200 days of this already? I started this journey August 21, 2012 (which was really 286 days ago, so apparently I’ve had a lot of rest days…) But it’s been an awesome journey and I’m excited for the next 200 which will hopefully include me finally running a half marathon; training for the Mud Hero; and a bunch of other challenges.

Anyway, the bike was it’s usual old self: boring. I completed 16 km and then did a bunch of weights. I don’t think I pushed hard enough because I’m not a bit sore today. Tonight I have YOGA. Woowhoo!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!


2 thoughts on “Day 197, Day 198, Day 199 and Day 200! Holy Crap!

  1. lol…running on the “decline”… why haven’t I thought of that?

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